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Your First Loss Is Your Best Loss. Get it Right the First Time

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When it comes to co-parenting and going through transitions in the family after a divorce, your first loss is your best loss.

A divorce case is a very overwhelming and frustrating endeavor because you always have something to lose — whether it be your marriage, your children, or even your properties. A lot of times during a divorce, people will have strong opinions about the other party. They throw facts to the court even if they don’t have the grounds to prove it.

Because things can get heated in emotional divorce cases, people have the tendency to agree to the wishes of the other party even if it doesn’t feel true to them. A lot of times, people are just not strong enough to deal with the intricacies of their divorce cases, which is why they choose to sacrifice their wishes just to get things over with. 

However, people should follow their instincts and their hearts, and it would be in their best interest to take care of things initially because that is when it matters. They should power through to address things the first time — that first loss of the divorce and standing up for themselves even if they know that it’s going to be a battle. 

Instead of shying away and not dealing with matters, they should power through the divorce case because their first loss is their best loss. Any loss later on will have more ramifications. So it’s important that parties to a divorce case fight that battle early on. 

Suffering the losses initially, even in the case of parenting plans and decision-making, is less painful than trying to remedy the losses later. 

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