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Burnham law is a Fort Collins Law Firm.

Conveniently located in Midtown, our Fort Collins office is led by attorney Heidi Whitaker. She manages cases throughout Larimer and Weld counties.

Taking into account your unique situation, we develop a case-specific strategy and take lead in expertly preparing your case. We are shoulder to shoulder with you every step of the way.

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We are a team of top-rated strategic litigators and negotiators. With hundreds of former client testimonials, our reputation speaks to this truth.
  • Kat Szabo Family Law

    My attorney, Jennifer Scott was amazing!! So empathetic and encouraging. This was one of the most difficult times in my life. She was my only friend during this process. She made me feel safe, I know she could handle whatever was thrown at me.

  • Shebon Kelin Family Law

    Danielle Davis and her team were great helping through a difficult time. Professional, responsive, knowledgeable and all done while demonstrating that they cared about myself and the outcome of my case.

  • M.E. Family Law

    Heidi is a winner! We contacted Burnham Law 4 days before our hearing. They assigned Heidi S. Whitaker for our case. She won the case and my child was returned to me right away. She is brilliant, smart and good, professionally and humanly. I recommend Burnham Law to all who need help for family legal issues in Colorado!

  • Jennifer Family Law

    I can't say enough about how impressed I was/am with Heidi. I was in a higher conflict child custody case, had been through two PRE's, and was using a different attorney. I was getting nowhere, and being treated horribly by my attorney in the process. I decided I needed new counsel. I called a lot of offices, wanting to get the absolute best fit for me to get this resolved. When I spoke to Todd at Burnham Law, he immediately know who he wanted me to work with. From the beginning, Heidi was exactly what I needed. She was real. She was smart, and personable. And she was honest. And she was compassionate. She made me see things how I needed to, without making me feel bad for being upset or emotional. She also reassured me that the decisions were mine, and if my case went to court, she would fight as hard as she needed to. My only regret was that I hadn't been working with Heidi from the beginning. I would recommend her to anyone dealing with a custody case, no matter how small or big the conflict. She will make it productive and worth it!

  • Lindsey E Civil Litigation

    Having a lawsuit brought against you is probably one of the most traumatic things a person could go through. Having a frivolous lawsuit brought against you, adds bricks to the weight. Aaron Belzer took our case on, (in a hurry on our end) unsure of all the exact details... but he sure brought himself up to speed quickly. He wanted to know everything. He even wanted to hear how we felt, how we were doing, how our children were doing. And he remembered everything regarding our case. From what we told him, transcripts, motions filed, down to the finest detail. Mr. Belzer is full of insight, and he knows just what card of law to put on the table, and when. He was phenomenal at answering any questions we had, and was straightforward about his opinion and strategy. At our second pretrial, Mr. Belzer swung every single claim (5 of them !) against us out. DISMISSED. He was remarkably professional, and prompt when it came to speaking to the court. On one occasion he stood up reciting statue word for word, with nothing but a blank notebook in front of him. He literally left opposing counsel stumbling for words. Working with Aaron Belzer and the Burnham law firm was a great experience. I hate that they only give me an option for 5 stars, they deserve 10. We will stick with him, and the firm always for any legal assistance we need in the future.

  • Marlene Personal Injury

    I got into a No Fault accident and got hurt. Then I got a lien put on me. Which to me was scary and had no clue really what that meant. Consulted with a big Firm and well when I got the contract it was definitely not the same numbers we had discussed on the phone. Then a few weeks later I got contacted by Randall Gause by mail , and gave him a call. He made things clear so one could understand what it meant , and was a huge help in getting my case taken care of. I would highly recommend Randall to anybody that needs a no nonsense Attorney who gets things done. He is knowledgable of medical stuff, knew more then I did and again could explain things so I could understand the meaning and what it all meant.
    His team is easy to work with and they get back to you fast. No waiting for days or weeks to hear back. It is definitely no longer then 24 hours. Usually just a few hours .
    Great team and can't say enough good things about all of them.
    This is a tough Process and when your hurt it is really scary to deal with insurances too , instead of just focusing on getting better. Randall made that possible and gave me peace of mind in a very stressful situation.
    Highly recommend Randall and his team.

  • Jaime Family Law

    I think I’ll have the privilege of being on JP’s caseload for quite awhile longer, but my experience with him throughout my very high-conflict divorce and protection/custody case has been excellent. He thinks in an amazingly strategic and emotionally intelligent way, and although that can be a little confusing at first, it is something you can put your trust in. He is definitely in his element in the courtroom, and conducts himself with confidence, but not arrogance. I’ve found him to be very sincere, respectful, responsive, and ethical. If JP tells you something’s “solid,” then you can rest assured in it. Thanks, JP, you are solid!

  • Audrey Family Law

    I was google searching what I needed to do for my case when I came across Todd Burnham and his law firm. It’s important to note that I was already being represented by another attorney at this time, but was not feeling that they were handling my child custody case the best that they could. I reached out to the Burnham Law Firm and was immediately put in contact with Todd Burnham. I could tell Todd was busy, but he took the time to listen to me, answered all my questions, and provided me with his strategy on how to be successful with my case. Todd had a since of urgency and a no non-sense attitude that left me confident that he was the right attorney for the job. He understood that there was only 3 days to execute his strategy, but he assured me that he could get it done in the time we had. I hired him on the spot and terminated my relationship with the other attorney. Todd is a genius and one who is not afraid to take on a tough case even at the last minute. His confidence sold him, but my success with the case 3 days later sealed it for me. If your smart you will hire him and have the “right attorney” not just “an attorney” on your side.

  • Rachel R Family Law

    Heidi Whitaker is an amazing lawyer. I went to two other lawyers before her and did not get the help I needed for my difficult situation. Heidi is a strong, intelligent woman that understands the law as well as how people work. I would recommend Heidi with the highest confidence.

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