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What if You Just Can’t Get Along With Your Co-Parent

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The ideal set up of parenting after divorce is when both parents are still involved in taking care of the child and making major life decisions for them. Of course, you want to give your children as normal of a life as possible despite the divorce. Courts see it the same way, which is why co-parenting setups are more encouraged than sole custody arrangements, except in cases that involve abuse or other things that can harm the child.

But admittedly, co-parenting with your ex will not be an easy task. You will face a lot of disagreements and will find it difficult to coexist, much less work together to raise your children. Many co-parents will end up fighting often and have disputes about parenting time, parental responsibilities, or have different opinions when it comes to decision-making. 

In case you and your ex are really having a hard time working together as parents for your children, you can seek the help of a parenting coordinator and decision maker. 

What is a Parenting Coordinator and Decision Maker?

In the State of Colorado, co-parents may ask the court to appoint a parenting coordinator and decision maker to help them resolve disputes and make decisions on their behalf. They serve as implementers of the court-ordered parenting plan, should the exes find it hard to work together and get along with each other. 

Some responsibilities of the parenting coordinator and decision maker include:

  • Assisting the ex spouses in creating a parenting plan
  • Drafting guidelines for communication
  • Providing resources for improving parenting skills
  • Identifying the underlying causes of conflict
  • Developing strategies to help reduce conflict and disputes between the co-parents. 

Essentially, when you and your ex appoint a parenting coordinator, you are giving them some authority to make decisions on your behalf. This becomes helpful in times when you and your ex cannot agree on certain matters like where the child will go to school, who they should stay with on weekends, etc. The parenting coordinator comes in and makes the hard decisions for you. 

How Does the Parenting Coordinator and Decision Maker Decide?

The appointed parenting coordinator and decision maker will always have one priority when deciding on matters: the best interest of your children. They take the decision making burden off of your hands and decide for you, according to what is best for your child. All this while ensuring that your children are not caught up in fights and disagreements between you and your ex. 

If you and your ex are having trouble seeing eye to eye, it is a good idea to appoint a parenting coordinator and decision maker. That way, you have an unbiased third party looking at all the facts outfront and considering all relevant scenarios in order to come up with the best possible decision that will protect your child’s wellbeing.

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