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Is Mediation the Best Approach to Solving Disagreements About Child Custody?

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Child custody hearings can get very frustrating, not to mention also draining of time and money. And it’s understandable, considering that both parents will be very defensive when it comes to their children. 

It’s not a long shot for ex couples to have disagreements about child custody. In fact, it’s very common in custody cases for exes to argue and disagree. And because of this, there is a lot of heat and adversary in courts.

It is highly recommended that ex couples try mediation and settle the issues between themselves rather than going to court. Not only is it less emotionally taxing, but it can pave the way for better understanding and more favorable outcomes. 

What is Mediation?

When it comes to child custody, mediation is an opportunity for parents to resolve issues about matters involving their child. Commonly, the disagreements have relations to the parenting plan for their children. 

In the mediation process, couples are accompanied by an expert who helps them resolve their disagreements. They help write up a parenting plan that can be the final custody and visitation order if a judge approves and signs it. 

Why is Mediation the Best Approach?

Mediation allows conflicting parties to discuss their grievances and better understand each one’s opinions. It’s a less threatening setting than courts, which helps foster more cooperation and better communication between the parties. 

This process is less time-consuming and less costly than court hearings. It can usually be conducted in a week or two, thereby creating solutions faster compared to the months or years it would take to get an order via court hearings. 

Can You Rely Completely on Mediation?

Although mediation is a better solution to resolve issues, it would be smart for the parties to still have competent lawyers who are ready for litigation. This is so that they can protect their own interests and see to it that the other party stays true to the terms of their custody arrangement.

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