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How Should I Prepare for a Custody Evaluation?

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The custody evaluation process can be a daunting experience for the parents. Of course, you want to be your best self and show the evaluator that you are equipped to take care of your child and raise them according to their best interests. 

Probably the biggest mistake that parents make in the custody evaluation process is not being well-prepared. So here are some tips to help you prepare yourself for a custody evaluation:

  1. Talk to your lawyer

Your best friend in the custody evaluation process is your lawyer. He or she can help prepare you for the evaluation by sitting down with you and thoroughly explaining what’s going to happen. They will give you constructive advice about your strengths and weaknesses and how the evaluator is going to assess them. 

Knowledge about the process is power in these situations. And having a lawyer laying down a plan of action to address your weaknesses and leverage your strengths is valuable. 

  1. Be ready to be completely honest

The evaluator is a third party person who doesn’t take sides. They are there to objectively assess who between you and your ex is best suited to take care of your children. 

So you should never, in any case, lie to your evaluator. They can sense ingenuine behaviors and when they do, it will put you in a bad light and hurt your chances of getting custody.

  1. Aim to make a good impression

Making a good impression all comes down to the little things. Prepare hours beforehand, make sure your home is clean, and keep every appointment you have with your evaluator. These might seem like small and petty things, but they can go great lengths in how your evaluator assesses your behaviors and determines if you are equipped to take care of your children. 

A custody evaluation can be a nerve-wracking experience. But make sure you’re sitting down in a calm state and think of it from a business perspective. Have the ability to be honest with yourself and with your evaluator, and it will reflect well in the results of your custody case.

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