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Construction Law – Contracts

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” – Benjamin Franklin.

With the onslaught of Colorado construction, many have made the mistake of rushing a contract or not having the contract reviewed by an experienced attorney. In most disputes, the contract is going to be the primary document that will determine the outcome of a potential dispute. The use of boilerplate and one-size-fits-all contracts can cause unnecessary litigation.

Whether you are a general contractor, subcontractor, or buyer, having an attorney conduct risk management over your construction contract can be your saving grace. Insurance, escrow payments, and other practices can minimize risk to some extent; however, one of the most highly effective risk management tools is to have a well-drafted contract. A well-drafted contract will communicate the obligations of all parties, define how a party can breach the contract, and define the consequences of a breach.

At Burnham Law, we understand that litigation and disputes can be avoided or minimized by a well-crafted contract. Our lawyers are not only experts in contracts but also in construction litigation. Using this dual expertise, we craft contracts that have been reviewed by lawyers that litigate in court. This service gives our clients a more well-rounded contract that can stand firm in court.

Burnham Law will review or draft a contract that addresses the most common problems that lead to disagreements. Additionally, we provide expert risk analysis on the project and for our clients so that the contract minimizes those risks. Clients and contracts have different risk areas that we work to minimize, such as payment disputes, defect allegations, permitting issues, delays, and payment schedules. This means that we tailor our contracts to each individual client and project.

The construction attorneys at Burnham Law provide contract preparation and review for both large and small construction projects. Whether you are involved in a kitchen remodel or a large, planned development, Burnham Law is the team you want to draft well-crafted contracts.

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