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Colorado Cannabis Law

Colorado’s cannabis industry is one of the nation’s leaders in the implantation, regulation, and oversight of the industry. Other states, lawyers, and professionals look to Colorado for guidance in the cannabis industry. Any person or business that is involved in Colorado’s cannabis industry understands that the industry is full of complexities and confusing legal requirements. A simple mistake in the cannabis industry, even those unintended, can result in severe consequences on a person or business’s ability to operate in Colorado.

For those individuals who are just entering the cannabis industry, having a lawyer navigate you through the labyrinth of regulations and laws is valuable. Colorado has a variety of different licenses, with each having its own requirements and regulations. Choosing the correct license and then filing the appropriate information the first time can save time and money.

At Burnham Law, we can assist individuals and businesses entering the cannabis industry with the following:

  • Retail (dispensary) licensing
  • Cultivation facilitation licensing
  • Business formation
  • Commercial leases
  • Real estate and zoning matters

For those individuals and businesses that are already established in the Colorado cannabis industry, as the cannabis industry evolves, so does the legal work associated therein. Cannabis lawyers need to be at the forefront of legal developments and trends. We take our legal knowledge and work with our cannabis industry clients in a proactive preventative manner.

At Burnham Law, we provide a vast array of proactive legal services to our cannabis industry clients, such as:

  • Business formation changes and amendments
  • Individual and business licensing
  • Employment issues
  • Compliance practices and procedures
  • Real estate issues for grows, manufacturers, and dispensaries

Sometimes the most proactive and preventative measures are still not enough to stay out of a legal dispute. Some in the cannabis industry find themselves in disputes with regulators or even other businesses. At Burnham Law, we will use our long history of litigation to lead our clients through these disputes.

At Burnham Law, our cannabis lawyers provide dispute representation for a multitude of issues:

  • Licensing appeals
  • Business lawsuits
  • Penalty assessments
  • Compliance evidence

Burnham Law continues to work hard in the cannabis industry. We see that staying ahead of the curve and giving our clients proactive advice leads to a successful and long-lasting business in the Colorado cannabis industry.

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