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Cannabis Law


Starting and operating a business in the cannabis industry is full of opportunities and risks. A common risk is litigation. Because of complicated federal legalization issues, cannabis litigation poses very specific challenges that Burnham Law attorneys can help you to navigate including:

  • Business and partner disputes
  • Breach of contract
  • Landlord/tenant disputes
  • Civil racketeering
  • Copyright and trademark disputes
  • Cannabis license violations and revocations

Our trial attorneys have a proven track record in resolving all types of business disputes, representing clients as plaintiffs and defendants in civil, commercial, and complex commercial litigation matters at the trial and appellate levels.


Before a cannabis business can lawfully operate, the business and its owners must meet extensive, and sometimes challenging, licensing requirements. Burnham Civil Law attorneys can walk you through the licensing process and help you secure all necessary state and local licenses. Sometimes a jurisdiction’s licensing process requires a hearing on an application. We are prepared to advocate for you and help you obtain a license even when an agency seeks to deny your application. Let us help you set your business up for success by ensuring you obtain all necessary state and local licenses.


Our attorneys can help your Cannabis business with licensing and compliance in the state of Colorado. At the heart of our practice is helping to ensure that your business is able to receive all of the licensing it needs to operate and that it operates in the most compliant method possible. We are situated to help you and your business apply for and receive your state and local licenses.

Our Compliance Services

Our firm is proud to help clients with the following licensing and compliance services:

  • State licensing applications
  • Local government licensing and permitting
  • Medical marijuana registrations and licensing where required
  • Compliance audits
  • Standard operating procedures
  • Renewals and license updates
  • Direct communication channels to licensing agencies
  • Availability for inspections and violations
  • Representation on violations and license cancellations

Intellectual Property

As your cannabis business grows, it will develop and acquire intellectual property. Trademarks and trade dress distinguish your business from the competition. Trade secrets can help a business keep its competitive edge. Protecting these trademarks and trade secrets from theft by employees or others is crucial to success. Without proper contract protections in place, employees may acquire rights in your business’ intellectual property by default under state law. As the cannabis industry grows nationwide, licensing intellectual property can provide a cannabis business with additional revenue streams and help grow a brand’s reputation and exposure. Burnham Law helps cannabis businesses protect and license their intellectual property.