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What NOT to Do on Social Media During a Custody Case

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A custody case is a very sensitive matter. Here, you and your ex will not only be arguing why you should be the one to have custody of your children. A lot of things from your past will be brought up, and different situations will be twisted to put you in a bad light. 

You can never be too careful with what you post on social media or put into writing — especially during a custody case. Remember that everything you do or say can be used as evidence against you. And if your ex is really keen on being granted sole custody of your children, he or she will do anything to show the court that you are not equipped to be your child’s caretaker. 

So one thing that you should really be careful of is what you post on social media. Everything there can be depicted or twisted in a negative light against you that could harm your custody case. 

Say, for example, you and your friends meet once a year to have brunch and bottomless alcoholic drinks. That once-a-year hangout has the potential to turn into a depiction of you as an alcoholic in a highly contested custody battle.

A custody case is THAT sensitive. And because courts are always after protecting your child’s best interest, they will take everything seriously. Your safest bet is to be extra careful with what you’re putting in writing — whether it be on social media or inappropriate messages you send your ex. 

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