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How to Protect Yourself From a Premises Liability Lawsuit

Owning a business or property carries many different types of risks. One common risk is the property owner liable if someone gets injured on their property—i.e., premises liability claims. The law requires business and property owners to take reasonable steps to keep the property in a safe condition. Premises liability lawsuits are common in Colorado and can be damaging to owners. However, some preventative practices can reduce the risk of an owner being sued.

STEP 1: Evaluate Areas of Risk

Every business or property has certain areas that are more prone to accidents. To find these “areas of risk” the owner should ask themselves:

  • Where do people walk?
  • Are walking paths clear of obstacles?
  • Do I clean liquid spills in a timely manner?
  • Is there adequate lighting and security?
  • Are there any electrical dangers?
  • Am I properly storing chemicals and other dangerous material?
  • Do I have warning signs in high-risk areas?

STEP 2: Address the Areas of Risk

Once the owner has evaluated areas of risk, a plan should be developed to manage the particular risk.
Common practices to address areas of risk are:

  • Assigning employees to regularly check high traffic areas for spills and obstacles
  • Hiring security for locations of the property such as parking lots
  • Installing lighting in parking lots and other poorly lit areas
  • Installing signage to provide notice and warnings

STEP 3: Purchase InsuranceProbably the most important practice is to purchase a liability insurance policy that includes coverage for property damage and bodily injury.

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