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# 1 Reason Parents Lose Custody Cases!

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# 1 Reason Parents Lose Custody Cases!

Parents want to have custody of their child. It’s important to have quality time and to support the relatio

nship with the child, despite the divorce. This is the reason why a child custody proceeding is a sticky case to navigate. Parents can quickly get emotional during the pendency of the case.

This is okay, but what you shouldn’t do is let that emotion affect your actions and behavior. That’s probably the biggest reason why parents lose custody cases. Their emotions cause them to act in bad faith which can be harmful to their case, such as intentionally trying to alienate the other parent or gatekeeping.

What you should do

You have to remember that by default, courts try to grant a 50/50 custody in which both parents share equal rights and responsibilities when it comes to caring for their child. In most cases, there is nothing to worry about. The court wants to preserve the relationship of your family and that of you and your child.

This is the ideal setup in order to provide your child with as much normalcy as possible, despite the divorce. Acting in bad faith can harm your case and cause you to lose custody. So unless you have a valid and justifiable reason why the other parent should be alienated, contain your emotions, and always act like the adult that your child needs you to be.

The court will always decide whatever is best for the child’s interest. So make sure you’re showing them that you are capable of raising your child responsibly, and you should be granted parental rights and responsibilities — whether sole or joint.

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