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What Are E-Bike Fires And What To Do

Electronic bikes, also known as e-bikes, are quickly gaining popularity, especially in larger cities where
residents opt to use alternative means of transportation. As technology brings new products–it also can
bring new dangers. E-bikes commonly use lithium batteries for power. Lithium batteries, while
outperforming other types of less efficient batteries, use a highly combustible electrolyte fluid that can
catch fire and explode. The explosions can be caused by a number of reasons, including:

  •  Applying the wrong charger
  • Exposure to high heat
  • Manufacturer and or design defects
  • Damage to the battery
  • Electrical short-circuits
  • Over-charging

Lithium battery fires are extremely dangerous and can be challenging to extinguish. The explosions
occur as a result of a chain reaction that creates an enormous amount of heat, which causes liquid
chemicals to boil or ignite until bursting open the case. As many e-bikes are stored near buildings (or in
large groups), the explosions can quickly spread, causing serious damage. E-bike fires can also occur
while being used. These fires can result in severe 3 rd -degree burns within seconds of the explosion.
E-bikes are not the only product that suffers from lithium battery fires. Other products such as phones,
laptops, vapes (e-cigarettes), golf carts, hoverboards, and others have had similar explosions.
If you have been injured by an e-bike or lithium fire, you should do the following:

  1. Contact emergency services to ensure the fire is extinguished, and you receive emergency
    medical attention.
  2. Gather as much information about the fire as possible. This includes witness names and contact
    information, and photos of the accident site. Also, notify all witnesses and those involved to
    preserve any evidence of the accident. It is especially important to preserve the battery in a safe
    location so that it can be examined by an expert.
  3. Notify all insurance companies but do not accept any early settlement offer. Delay giving the
    insurance company any statements until you speak with an attorney.
  4. Obtain medical attention and follow recommendations.
  5. Document everything, especially how the fire altered your life.
  6. Contact Burnham Law.

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