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Do I Need an Attorney to Help me with my Workers’ Compensation Claim?

The Colorado workers’ compensation process can be complex and confusing, and whether the injured should hire an attorney can be a tough decision. Having a workers’ compensation attorney perform a case consultation or case review can take the difficulty out of the decision.

No matter how minor the injury seems, it is ideal to have the case reviewed by an attorney. By having an attorney evaluate the case, the injured will then have a better understanding of whether the insurance company is paying the proper amount of lost wages, providing all benefits required by law, and progressing the case at the proper speed.

Another reason to have an attorney review the case is to determine if there is a potential third-party claim. In Colorado, if a third party was liable for the accident, the injured may recover in both workers’ compensation and personal injury (civil lawsuit). This can be important to the injured worker because workers’ compensation limits or excludes certain types of damages such as pain and suffering, while a personal injury lawsuit allows for such damages.

The more serious the injury, the more likely the injured will need an attorney. Meeting deadlines, organizing evidence, and requesting benefits can be difficult even for the healthiest person, let alone when healing from a serious injury. In the more serious cases, the insurance company may try to pay as little as possible as their interest is to their profits, not the injured worker. The insurance company may seek to limit benefits for any questionable aspect of the case, such as the extent of injury, need for health care, missed deadlines, and lack of accident witnesses. When the insurance company tries to limit benefits, an attorney may build a defense to rectify the case’s weaknesses and ensure the injured receives maximum benefits.

Negotiating with the insurance company without an attorney can be overwhelming. An attorney will do the negotiating so the injured can concentrate on recovering. Attorneys know what the insurance company looks for in evaluating what benefits to pay. An attorney will properly put together the evidence in a compelling method so that the insurance company has the proper insight into the injury and how it has affected the life of the injured.

Burnham Law has a team of lawyers and staff ready to fight for injured Colorado workers. Let the team at Burnham Law fight for your benefits, your recovery, your life. Burnham Law understands that even the shortest amount of time without pay can be devastating, and we see our job as to maintain you and your family’s income. Time is of the essence; have your case reviewed by one of Burnham Law’s workers’ compensation lawyers today.

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