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Jeremy Wooten

Associate Attorney - Domestic Relations and Criminal Defense Colorado Springs
jeremy wooten associate attorney
jeremy wooten associate attorney

Jeremy Wooten is a trial attorney at Burnham Law, specializing in criminal defense and family law. Jeremy’s legal journey reached new heights post-law school as he dedicated five years to refining his trial expertise at the Colorado State Public Defenders’ Office. Ascending to Senior Deputy Public Defender, he navigated diverse cases—first-degree homicide, drug distribution, and economic crimes—with an unwavering commitment to client advocacy and strict legal bounds. Expanding his legal prowess beyond criminal defense, Jeremy tackled complex family law cases in the Roaring Fork Valley, seamlessly combining expertise in both realms.

Licensed in Texas and Colorado, Jeremy underscores his commitment to serving clients across jurisdictions.

Strategic Planning and Resourcefulness

At the core of Jeremy’s legal prowess is strategic planning—his ability to meticulously plan and execute well-thought-out trial strategies. His resourcefulness shines as he tackles legal challenges, consistently finding innovative solutions.

Agile Client-Centered Advocacy

Jeremy’s legal expertise is characterized by adaptability, active listening, and quick thinking, which are essential for effective trial advocacy. He emphasizes understanding clients’ objectives and meticulous preparation, adapting strategies to evolving trial dynamics. His resilience and strategic agility shine as he confidently navigates unexpected developments during trials, expertly steering each case toward the most favorable outcomes for his clients.

Confidence and Persuasion

Jeremy exudes confidence, projecting assurance and self-belief in arguments. His persuasive abilities shine as he convinces judges and juries with compelling legal narratives.

Exploring Beyond the Courtroom

Originally from Dallas, Jeremy’s family thrives in Colorado, embracing its natural wonders. Fueling shared passions for hiking, skiing, and off-road adventures in their trusty Jeep, they create cherished memories amid awe-inspiring landscapes.

Taking adventure to new heights, Jeremy and Lauren embarked on a year-long journey across the U.S. and Canada in a van, strengthening their bond. Their deep love for the great outdoors defines their travels, nurturing a passion that resonates in every experience.