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Laws govern almost every aspect of our lives. They exist to make our lives safer, more organized, and more convenient. Because this country follows the rule of law and the law is so pervasive in our lives, many of us will face at least one legal matter in our lives.

Should you find yourself in a legal situation, you need a Denver lawyer to handle your case. Having our experienced attorneys backing you up can help you navigate your case, win, and move forward with your life.

Our Denver lawyers are human beings who are driven to empower and uplift you. We stand with you through adversity so you can protect yourself, your family, your assets, and your rights.

Covering all areas of Family law, Civil Litigation, Criminal Defense, Personal Injury.
  • Family Law

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    Family matters are also governed by law, and a lot of families find themselves facing a legal situation that they are not equipped to handle. Whether it be divorce or legal separation, child custody and support, division of property, etc., you will be better equipped to navigate your case with a Denver lawyer.

    Our Denver family lawyers have handled family law cases involving:

    • Divorce or legal separation
    • Child custody and child visitation
    • Child support
    • Division of marital property
    • Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements
    • Paternity, etc.

    Our lawyers have your best interest in mind every step of the way. We can help you communicate with the other party to reach an amicable settlement, reduce conflict, get the compensation you are entitled to, and more.

  • Criminal Defense

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    Criminal law in Denver has a lot of complexities. And the truth is that not everyone who is convicted is guilty of the crime they were charged for. Some accused are innocent, while others are justifiable by accidents, mental illness, or self-defense, among others.

    Even the procedures involved in arresting or convicting an accused is filled with legal considerations. One wrong move by the authorities can result in a violation of your rights as a citizen. A lot of accused individuals are unaware of their rights and therefore do not know when they are being violated.

    But an accused in a criminal case has the same level of rights as everyone else. Hence, they must be respected. In fact, the law puts so much importance in the protection of the rights of an accused to the point that the slightest procedural error can cause the quashal or dismissal of a criminal suit.

    There are so many things that come in when talking about a criminal case. And the problem is that not all accused people have the knowledge or experience to make the best defense.

    We believe that everyone must have access to the best defense possible, which is why we are dedicated to fighting for you. Our Denver criminal lawyers will leave no stone unturned in studying your case, investigate the facts and evidence, and work hard to get you the compassion you deserve.

  • Personal Injury

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    Have you suffered from a personal injury due to the negligence of another? Did you know that you are entitled to legal compensation?

    Colorado law gives you the right to seek and recover damages for personal injuries caused by another party's action or inaction. You have the right to seek economic, non-economic, and punitive damages against the person who caused your injury through a lawsuit.

    However, every case is different and there are a lot of factors to consider in determining whether you have a personal injury claim. That is why it's important to have a Denver lawyer who can uncover and fight for any potential claims you might have.

    You are not alone in these life-changing situations. Our Denver personal injury lawyers can help you get the compensation you deserve for your injury. We will handle everything for you so you can focus on your recovery and move forward with your life.

  • Civil Law

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    Civil law refers to the rules that govern private relations between citizens. It encompasses all the aspects of your relationships with others, whether personal or professional. As simple as it may sound, civil law is very complex and complicated.

    Often, a plaintiff's success in a civil case depends on how good his or her lawyer is. This is because of the complex nature of civil cases wherein a lot of factors must be considered to arrive at a good strategy. There is no such thing as a civil case that is a sure win.

    Procedural rules play a crucial part in these types of suits, hence the need for a Denver civil attorney who knows civil law and can put his or her best foot forward during litigation.

    Every aspect of your civil case should be looked into in order to come up with the best possible solution so that you can gain the most favorable results.

    Our lawyers can help you find the strength of your case and help you apply procedural rules to your advantage. With us, you will get a team of professionals properly assessing your case to make sure that you get the best possible outcome.

High profile Colorado attorneys.
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  • Codi Barton Family Law

    Our case was probably the most complicated modification of parenting time because mother had custody and lived in another state and had been primary custodial parent for 8 years since the divorce. Jennifer poured her heart into our case. Responses were quick and never were we left in the dark. The plan was clear and the performance was amazing. I do not write this lightly when I say Jennifer fought for my kids as though they were her own. I whole heartedly believe that, as a Father, I could not have won a relocation order without Jennifer’s hard work, dedication, and brilliance.

  • Christian Bundy Civil Litigation

    Aaron Belzer with the Burnham Law Firm is an absolutely outstanding, first-rate attorney. Insightful, strong, articulate, with deep integrity. He has great heart, warmth, and magnetism. Brilliant writer. Top strategist. He has made the most profound impact I think a person could make on my life and the lives of my children...I am immeasurably grateful for what he has done for my family.

  • Angie Michard Family Law

    I am extremely grateful that I retained The Burnham Law Firm to assist me with my recent divorce. I am specifically grateful for my wonderful attorney, JP Prentiss who represented me throughout that arduous ordeal. JP is an excellent attorney who is knowledgeable, timely in communication, thorough, confident, and most importantly, ethical. He was in my corner every step of the way, fought to get me what I needed and to expose what needed to be exposed. I will always appreciate his efforts, sound advice and professionalism. I highly recommend this law firm and in particular, JP to anyone looking for that "notch above" attorney.

  • Kayla Ravenkamp Family Law

    Rosie Rizk and her team at Burnham Law have been great to work with! Everyone I've had to communicate with has been helpful. I am beyond grateful for the speedy guidance I received in my situation, along with the attention to the details of my case. I will recommend this firm when I can.

  • Katrina Wilkinson Personal Injury

    I highly recommend Randall Gause from Burnham Law. He never, ever rushed a conversation, whether it was in the office or on the phone. He explained what we should and shouldn't expect & helped us walk thru a truly traumatic event. We were fortunate to have him & his paralegals on our side walking us through an incredibly stressful situation!

  • Marshall Adler Family Law

    Todd Burnham is among the top Boulder divorce attorneys in Colorado. His aggressive and strategic nature make him the best choice for anyone going through divorce, mediation or any other child custody, support or family law matter. I would highly recommend Burnham Law over anyone else in the Boulder divorce law arena.

  • Shebon Kelin Famil Law

    Danielle Davis and her team were great helping through a difficult time. Professional, responsive, knowledgeable and all done while demonstrating that they cared about myself and the outcome of my case.

  • Daniel Perrin Family Law

    Heidi Whitaker gave great advice and understood the law and exact implications better than a majority of lawyers. I had some specific time constraints that if were not adhered to would be quite expensive. Heidi understood (actually she informed me of them and was an expert on navigating them) and kept me informed the whole time. I wholeheartedly recommend her and Burnham law.

  • Kat Szabo Family Law

    My attorney, Jennifer Scott was amazing!! So empathetic and encouraging. This was one of the most difficult times in my life. She was my only friend during this process. She made me feel safe, I know she could handle whatever was thrown at me.

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