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TRT: The Secret Weapon of High-Performing Individuals & Law Firms

My favorite movie is interstellar. My favorite line is when Cooper says, “Newton’s Third Law – you gotta leave something behind.”  The reference is to the goal of propelling forward.  It’s almost exactly in cadence with Taylor Swift’s line  “Everything you lose is a step you take” from You’re On Your Own, Kid.   I think it’s a truth.  Things hold us back, right?   And things get us right, right?  The thing, here, is mental toughness and the way we look at anything.

If you are aware of the concept of mental toughness then you have the ability to strengthen it.  You can train using the concepts and processes of an athlete’s mindset.  Realizing you lost is the win.  Our ability to unemotionally apply lessons to the loss, make informed quality-paced future decisions based on objectivity, impacts our Transformational Reaction Time™️. TRT – pace and hindsight accuracy in decision making.  TRT logically increases the more we practice making decisions under pressure.

This is where coaching is a shortcut that will become commonplace in the future. The practice of law is hard enough on our souls.  Time is the most important commodity we have.  Invest in projects that save you time.  Invest in people who share your vision.  Get coached up on the business end of the law firm if it’s a weakness.  I have done this for years, processing my weaknesses and trying to  increase my TRT.

If I’m a client of any law firm, I’m asking them what their TRT score is.   If a law firm can’t make quality paced, accurate, decisions for themselves I shouldn’t expect more in their representation of others.