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Westminster Marriage Counselors: Top Rated Counselors for Couples in Westminster, CO

Getting married is an exciting milestone for many, with weddings being one of the most momentous occasions of one’s life. However, the real challenges of marriage come after the wedding ceremony. Many couples will realize that marriage isn’t as easy as it looks, especially since it takes a certain amount of commitment and hard work to sustain a healthy relationship.

After the delightful honeymoon period, incompatibility issues or a clash in personalities may gradually become inevitable. There may also be instances where you face unforeseen problems that seem too difficult to resolve or work through. When these problems or issues are left unattended, there is a tendency for the marriage to fail, resulting in unfortunate divorces.

What many couples don’t know is that these issues can still be solvable or preventable. Sometimes, failure to nurture the relationship may be caused by imminent factors such as hectic jobs, children, or stress. These obstacles and difficulties are common in any relationship, and it only takes effort and willingness from both parties to see these challenges through.

If you feel like your relationship is currently going through these rough patches, it’s best to seek the services of a marriage counselor. A skilled marriage counselor helps couples determine the root issues of their conflict or problems and eventually come up with solutions to reconcile differences and ultimately resolve the issue. Moreover, they also aid in mediating necessary discussions between the two parties in an attempt for the couple to understand each other better. They also help judge whether a marriage is salvageable or not and will do anything to help couples maintain a healthy relationship as much as possible.

A marriage counselor’s duty is to help couples’ marriages back on track while allowing them to work on their relationship better than before.

That being said, here is a list of the Westminster CO marriage counselors you can consult in the area.

1. The Marriage & Family Clinic

The Marriage & Family Clinic comprises experienced marriage counselors who have undergone extensive training to help couples work out their issues. Here, they help couples explore all that is unspoken and unsaid rules within your relationship that led the relationship to where it currently is now. Ultimately, they help facilitate needed discussions and conversations to help determine the factors that are causing problems and issues in the relationship. The counselors also make it a point to professionally involve various aspects of marriage counseling within the community, making the service effective and worthwhile. Moreover, the clinic understands the unique and relative challenges that blended families face daily and helps couples establish rules to adjust to their respective roles.

The clinic specializes in individual counseling, depression, behavioral or relationship issues, recovery after infidelity, anxiety, anger management, divorce, and family conflict.

  • Website:
  • Contact: tel:7206488285
  • Address: 12050 North Pecos Street, Suite #170, Westminster, CO 80234

2. Thriveworks Counseling

At Thriveworks counseling, they offer new and efficient perspectives and solutions to marriage problems. The clinic’s counselors do this by collaborating with clients to come up with treatment goals hinged on solutions. Besides this, they also offer existential and motivational interviewing and solution-focused, cognitive-behavioral approaches. They also pay attention to destructive patterns and come up with a solution to help in coping. The marriage counselors of Thriveworks counseling also have sufficient experience and skills in rendering services to clients.

Thriveworks Counseling also provides services for adolescent development issues, addiction, marital and premarital issues, anger management, trauma and PTSD, and couples and play therapy.

  • Website:
  • Contact: 303- 214-2106 or mailto:[email protected]
  • Address: 8461 Turnpike Drive, #203, Westminster, CO 80031

3. Vibrant Couples & Family Counseling

Since 2008, Vibrant Couples & Family Counseling has been using an Emotionally-Focused approach to counseling its clients. Apart from this, they also utilize Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy for dealing with couples and individuals who require counsel. These approaches help couples develop more emotional closeness and trust for each other. If you’re not available for an in-person visit, the clinic also allows counseling online, where you can easily receive advice within the comforts of your home.

Besides marriage counseling, they also specialize in dealing with family conflict, anxiety, relationship problems, life transitions, parenting, adoption, divorce, peer relationships, bipolar and mood disorder, and stress.

  • Website:
  • Contact: mailto:[email protected] or tel:3038986410
  • Address: 1333 West 120th Avenue #222, Westminster, CO

4. Colorado Relationship Discovery

Colorado Relationship Discovery specializes in servicing couples therapy and marriage counseling to clients within Colorado. Most importantly, the staff is committed to helping couples reconcile their differences and get along better for their peace of mind. They also provide premarital counseling for young couples who want to avoid a potential divorce from happening in the future. Here, the clinic helps couples capitalize on their relational skills, focusing more on developing connections and growing intimacy amid vulnerability. Couples usually undergo a one-hour long session for maximized momentum and results, allowing for better outcomes. They also provide marriage retreats and couple intensives in some cases.

  • Website:
  • Contact: tel:7202729573 or mailto:[email protected]
  • Address: 1777 S Bellaire St #460, CO 80222

5. Westminster Counseling Center

Westminster Counseling Center’s team of experienced counselors offers clients the perspective and support needed for them to work through marriage issues. More than that, they also provide services you need when dealing with depression, anxiety, or struggling with major life issues. The staff in this counseling center are all licensed psychotherapists and are skilled enough to render services to people of all faiths and races in a welcoming environment.

  • Website:
  • Contact: tel:6123327743
  • Address: Westminster Presbyterian Church, 1200 Marquette Ave. S.

6. Individual and Relationship Therapy Center

The Individual and Relationship Therapy offers efficient online therapy, which is also referred to as virtual or remote therapy, using a phone and video conferences. This method is especially useful during the current situation of the COVID-19 since it provides clients a safer option in accessing counseling services within their home, anywhere. The center particularly focuses on evidence-based therapy models like Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) for individuals, families, and couples. It also utilizes the Advanced Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy approach in dealing with clients’ situations. The center provides support to clients across the state of Colorado, even in the current health crisis situation, with the expertise of marriage counselors who are experienced enough in working with various kinds of relationships.

Besides this, the center also offers support to people who struggle with problems regarding depression, trauma, relationship issues, and much more.

  • Website:
  • Contact: tel:7206397724
  • Address: 425 S Cherry St., Ste 810 Denver, CO 80246

7. Colorado Marriage Retreats

Neil Rosenthal of Colorado Marriage Retreats is a licensed family and marriage therapist situated in Westminster, Colorado, who has been in practice since 1980. His warm and engaging communication style helps him cut right through the root of a particular issue, making it convenient to find resolutions even to the most complex problems. Most importantly, he is thoroughly committed to helping couples build effective conflict-reducing and communication skills. Apart from that, he is also a nationwide best seller for his book called Love, Sex, and Staying Warm: Creating A Vital Relationship which discusses how couples can significantly improve their relationship and marriage. Since then, the book has started to become a �bible’ for many couples who want to achieve emotional closeness and intimacy.

  • Website:
  • Contact: tel:7203315564 or neil@coiloradomarriageretreats
  • Address: 8778 Woldd Ct #202, Wesminster, CO 80031

8. Westminster Relationship & Life Coach

Michelle Baker is the marriage counselor of Westminster Relationship & life Coach. Since 2012, Michelle has already worked with families throughout her private practice. The establishment of her business has allowed her to get in touch with more couples who are struggling with both family and relationship issues. At Westminster Relationship & life Coach, couples are guided into listening and understanding each other with compassion. The center also prioritizes services for families and parents, teaching them how to model kindness and compassion for the sake of the children and family.

  • Website:
  • Contact: tel:7204431994
  • Address: 8120 Sheridan Blvd Ste B 200 Westminster, CO 800003

9. Angie Perry-Martin Psychotherapy and Couples Counseling

Angie Perry works with struggling individuals and couples who need support for various issues that include anxiety, trauma, relational stress, life transition, career, or personal growth. Angie’s approach particularly involves the integration of trauma-informed, somatic, and mindfulness-based therapies that pave the way for lasting changes and exploration of experience.

  • Website:
  • Contact: tel:7209251155 or mailto:[email protected]
  • Address: 80 Garden Center, Suite 150, Broomfield, Colorado 80020

10. Michael Noel Counseling

Michael Noel is a registered psychotherapist in Colorado and has been counseling for over 26 years now. His services are catered towards couples and individuals, helping them find lasting fulfillment in their own relationships and within themselves at the same time. His experience and skills in counseling allow him to integrate effective frameworks and principles to guide others to navigate and work through life’s obstacles and eventually attain their goals.

  • Website:
  • Contact: tel:7206287477
  • Address: 4740 W 105th Dr, Westminster, Co 80031


Similar to how we need counseling for our personal enlightenment and growth, spouses must also be willing enough to seek the help of marriage counselors for the sake of their relationship. Instead of dismissing marriage issues and problems, it’s better to address these head-on to prevent further consequences from happening in the future. It’s also worth remembering that couples must also put in the needed effort and collaboration required by marriage counselors since it will take a few sessions to welcome change into the relationship.

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