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Top 10 Marriage Counselors in Colorado Springs: Rated and Reviewed

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance that your marriage is not where you’d like it to be. We understand that it can be an extremely difficult and stressful thing to go through, no matter the circumstances.

Whether you think things are just starting to change, or you feel that all hope is lost, just remember that it’s never too late to change things or turn them around. Before making a permanent decision like filing for divorce, you should try as many other options as possible — marriage counseling is a great next step.

If you’ve already tried counseling unsuccessfully: Colorado Springs Divorce Lawyer

Why you should consider marriage counseling

The short answer is: you have nothing to lose!

If your marriage does ultimately end even after counseling, you’ll still walk away with tools and skills that help you process your emotions, handle conflict, and communicate better. You can apply what you learned in couples therapy to yourself personally, or any relationships you have in the future.

But a lot of times, something even better happens. Couples are able to get to the root cause of their issues and work them out in a safe environment. Often, they end up connecting on a deeper level than ever before. And they take the communication, listening, and emotional skills they learned and use it for any issues faced in the future, so their relationship continues to strengthen.

If you think marriage counseling might be the right move for you, here are some recommended marriage counselors in Colorado Springs:

1) Rock Your Family

Rock Your Family exists to help couples, families, and individuals recover lost connections through faith, hard work, determination, and guidance. The team of therapists at Rock Your Family have many different specialties and are able to help couples and families overcome a variety of issues. Their approach is unique in that they offer more than just counseling — they help families through experiences (rock climbing, team building, etc.), intensives, and retreats as well. All work is conducted in a collaborative environment dedicated to holistic health.


Address: 1465 Kelly Johnson Blvd. #350, Colorado Springs, CO

Phone: (719) 362-0796

Services: Family counseling, individual counseling, child and teen counseling, groups, intensives, retreats, experientials

2) Family Connections Counseling

Founder Julee Whaley utilizes Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy to identify and replace negative interaction cycles. She also uses these principles to address entire families who may be impacted by suffering relationships, major changes, mental illness, substance use, and more. You can schedule your appointments online for convenience.


Address: 7710 N. Union Blvd., Suite 202, Colorado Springs, CO

Phone: (719) 440-0133

Services: Couples, family, and individual counseling

3) Cameron Lorenc – Slight Edge Marriage Counseling

Cameron Lorenc looks at couples and families both as individuals and as a single unit. That way, you and your partner can improve yourselves AND make improvements within your relationship. By understanding you and your partner’s unique challenges, thoughts, and feelings, you can help your marriage function as a synergistic unit with these methods. If your spouse has been reluctant to attend marriage counseling in the past – ask them to see Cameron ONE time. You will be surprised when they agree to return!


Address: 1720 Jet Stream Dr., Colorado Springs, Co

Phone: (719) 594-9607

Services: Couples and individual counseling, blended family counseling, child assessments

4) Life Wise Counseling LLC

Bill at Life Wise Counseling takes a unique approach to counseling. He creates individual plans for each couple that creates a warm and inviting environment, fostering a genuine bond. Life Wise is experienced in a number of marital and family issues, and can help couples of all backgrounds get back on track.


Address: 5376 Toman Dr. #201-H, Colorado Springs, CO

Phone: (719) 472-4141

Services: Individual and couples counseling

5) Mayfield Counseling Centers

Mayfield Counseling Centers came to existence in order to fill a need for accessible and quality counseling services in the Colorado Springs area. Their main center takes a holistic approach to identifying and healing the issues that exist within your marriage. Throughout your sessions, you’ll learn the benefits of healthy communication to restore the trust and closeness you once had.


Address: 6180 Lehman Dr., Colorado Springs, CO

Phone: (719) 452-4803

Services: Individual, couples, family counseling, group therapy, military support, premarital counseling, parenting, blended families, spirituality, divorce, trauma, equine facilitated psychotherapy, mental illness, EMDR.

6) Altitude Counseling

The team at Altitude Counseling takes a straightforward and down to earth approach to your relationship needs. They’ll help you find real-world tools to improve yourself and your relationship. They have a great arsenal of approaches and therapies, and can tell you which one is best for your situation during your free consultation.


Address: 4570 Hilton Pkwy #104, Colorado Springs, Co

Phone: (719) 428-2952

Services: Individual and relationship counseling, new parent counseling, and a wide array of specialty services

7) Principle Skills Relationship Center

Principle Skills Relationship Center can help you whether you’re looking for quick relief from distress, a long-term deeper understanding of relationship issues, or a little bit of both. They use only research-based methods backed by the Gottman Institute to achieve intimacy again. Couples have a choice between private therapy or weekend workshops, whatever fits their needs and lifestyle best. They also specialize in betrayal trauma and sexual addiction recovery treatment.


Address: 7710 N Union Blvd. #202, Colorado Springs, CO

Phone: (719) 494-7412

Services: Couples and individual therapy, couples workshops, parenting workshops, professional development trainings

8) Marriage, Family, & Individual Counseling – Renewal Ministries of Colorado Springs

Renewal Ministries is a ministry-based counseling service that uses a Cognitive-Behavioral method with a strong biblical emphasis. They are here to help with just about any issue you may face, but specialize in marriage and premarital counseling to help you find resolutions to your issues. Counselors here will help you change not only external behaviors, but the mind and spiritual intentions behind them.


Address: 4585 Hilton Pkwy #303, Colorado Springs, CO

Phone: (719) 287-8023

Services: Individual, marriage, and family counseling, premarital counseling,

9) Transformed Hearts Counseling Center, Inc.

Transformed Hearts can help with all relationship issues, but specializes in sexual addiction, intimacy issues, and emotional issues. They are one of the only centers to provide services primarily via telecommunication, so you can continue counseling even if you are no longer in the area. Their website is filled of blogs, videos, books, testimonials, assessments and  resources to get you started. Complete any of the online assessments on their website and qualify for a FREE consultation!


Address: 5410 Powers Center Pt, Suite 130, Colorado Springs, CO

Phone: (719) 590-1350

Email: [email protected]

Services: Individual and couples counseling, couples conferences, group counseling, intensives, polygraphs, supervision

10) Truth Counseling

As the name implies, the team at Truth Counseling believes that people can handle the truth and use it to transform in a way that yields clarity, joy, and healing. By finding and addressing the deepest issues you face as an individual and a couple within a non-judgmental environment, you’ll leave room for empathy, trust and respect.


Address: 7660 Goddard Dr., Suite 210, Colorado Springs, CO

Phone: (720) 541-8165

Services: Individual counseling, marriage counseling, divorce/grief counseling, trauma/abuse recovery, chronic headache/pain

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