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The Best Thing You can do to Help your Custody Case

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This is Todd Burnham, the Founding Partner of Burnham Law, and an experienced family law lawyer with a superb record. In this post, I will tell you the single best thing you can do to help your custody case.

The Best Thing You Can Do to Help Your Custody Case

Though there are couples who consider divorce for years during their marriage, typically, it’s something that a lot of couples don’t expect to undertake, especially if the marriage has been smooth sailing.

A divorce is often unfamiliar territory for couples, so is the anxiety about the outcome of the case, especially the ruling regarding child custody. In most instances, both couples wish for custody of their child. But at the end of the day, it is the court that will decide. And the court will decide according to what it deems best for the child’s health and welfare.

However, just because the decision is not in your hands doesn’t mean that you cannot do anything to help sway it in your direction. There is something you can do to help your custody case.

What Hurts People are Their Own Actions

Because a divorce proceeding is complicated and, of course, distressing, it’s important not to allow yourself to drown in your emotions. The court will consider child custody hearings according to the facts, and they will be very strict about it — considering that children are involved in the case, and the ruling impact the course of their lives.

The best thing you can do is to mind your own actions. Be careful of what you do or say, especially during the proceedings. Remember that a custody case is decided on one crucial fact: the best interest of the child.

Your actions will either help or hurt your cause. Your emotions and feelings will not be taken into consideration by the judge. They will focus on your actions and determine if you are indeed the parent that the child will be better off with.

You have to show that you are equipped to take your child in, and that you can provide them with the life they deserve to be living.

What Specific Actions Can I Take?

When we say you have to mind your own actions, it includes making proactive efforts to display your ability to provide your child with a good future. Some things you can do are to work with your ex, which will show the court your willingness to collaborate with them in terms of rearing the growth of your children. Just because your marriage came to a bitter end doesn’t mean that you can’t be civil, especially if it concerns the well-being of your child.

In some cases, an award for custody is put on hold, pending an evaluation. This means you have the opportunity to show the court how well you can raise your kids. When this “test period” is granted to you, make sure you make the most of it by exercising your parental rights.

Take your kids to school, spend time with them — make sure you’re showing responsibility and the ability to have custody of your children.

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