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Lakewood Marriage Counselors: Top Rated Counselors for Couples in Lakewood, CO

In many marriages, couples usually face many issues when staying together. These issues are always caused by infidelity accusations, disagreements and a lack of trust between the partners. Such challenges may result in conflicts in many marriages. However, going through such issues should not make you lose hope in marriage. There are always other options you may consider before deciding on a divorce. One of the options you may consider is searching for a marriage counsellor. Marriage counselling also referred to as couple therapy, is always known to be the best method for solving many marriage issues that couples face.

Seeking marriage counsellors benefits you in improving your skills of expression. It will also help you learn different techniques for solving conflicts and have a good understanding of your spouse. This will make it easier for you to overcome many issues with your partner as you will have a good experience with each other. In this case, seeking a marriage counsellor will always protect you from challenges that result from divorce and broken relationships.

Such challenges include depression, loneliness, and a mental illness that may have a serious effect on your health when they are not controlled. For these reasons, many people consider couple therapy in securing their marriages more than any other method. Seeking marriage counsellors early before you start to face issues will always make you familiar with your therapist. This will also make it easier for you to visit them if you face an issue in your marriage. This will ensure you have a successful marriage free from frequent violence.

Most therapists are always trained and will ensure you find a solution to your problem as their priority. Some of these marriage counsellors include;

List of marriage Counselors in Lakewood, Colorado:

Kat Minden hall, LCSW

She is one of the top-rated counsellors in the Lakewood co-region with over 15 years of experience in offering counselling services to people. Kat Minden hall offers peaceful, comfortable and fair counselling to couples or individuals. She has a master’s degree in social work, which she obtained from Colorado State University. In addition, Kat also joined Denver Family institute, where she trained and obtained a post-graduate degree in couples and families counselling. She is the founder of the Peaceful life Counselling located in Lakewood, Co.

She has experience in counselling and healing people facing challenges such as depression, anxiety and intimacy. Kat can also heal and regain compatibility between couples or lovers in a relationship. For this reason, she is the best to approach in case of divorce or a heart-breaking breakup. For individual therapy, Kat will counsel you on how to overcome different kinds of challenges faced in a relationship, such as stress, conflicts, and infidelity. You can contact her on the phone: at (720) 726 1926 or reach her via address: 950 Wadsworth Boulevard, Suite 120, Lakewood, CO 80214. The cost for booking a session range from $110-$160.

Jackie Vonfeldt

Jackie is a therapist with greater experience in dealing with teens and children in different complex roles. These roles include providing educational training and providing home training to teen girls. Jackie Vonfeldt has a doctorate in marriage and family counselling. She is also the owner and founder of Heart Space Counselling center, located in Lakewood, where she offers therapy to couples and families. The center serves not only the Lakewood region but also the neighbouring areas. Her main focus is on diagnosing and providing treatment for different challenges that couples and families face.

You can also consult Jackie on the phone for free before booking a counselling session. The sessions are relatively less expensive as they cost about $100- $130 per session. This price also depends on the gravity of your problems. You can reach Jackie on the phone: (720) 606 2626 0r (720) 431 1000. You can also locate her via the address: 13701 West Jewell Avenue, Suite 200, Lakewood, CO 80228. She can also help you solve parental issues, drug abuse, marriage and relationship stress, and premarital therapy. In addition, she also has the best approaches to dealing with mood disorders, anxiety, and conflicts in marriages.

Alayna Baillod, LCSW

Alayna has diverse experience in offering self-care counselling since 2019. She is a licensed therapist in providing clinical and social work. She is also the owner of the self-care impact located in the Lakewood, CO. Alayna Baillod is an expert in dealing with families and couples-related issues to provide a sustainable solution. She is a graduate of Colorado State University, where she pursued a bachelor’s degree in social work. In addition, she extended her studies by joining the University of Tennessee, where he obtained a master’s degree in the same profession.

Alayna specializes in premarital counselling, family and couple therapy, life transitions, divorce issues, and family conflicts. At the individual level, she can counsel you when you are going through relationship issues such as depression, grief, intimacy and anxiety. You can reach her via phone: (720) 551 4553 are located her using her address: 12211 West Alameda Parkway, Suite 106, Lakewood, CO 80228. The price for booking a session starts from less than $140 per hour. She has license number #CSW.09926995.

Christy Schneider

Christy is a licensed professional therapist specializing in individual counselling. She focuses on providing counselling on mindfulness, self-care, negative thinking, and risk-taking at the individual level. She is also the best counsellor in dealing with relationship issues such as depression, anxiety and intimacy. You can locate her via her address: 200 Union Blvd, Suite #200 Lakewood, CO 80228. You can also contact her via phone: at (720) 548 1761 and offer online therapy for clients who are far away—the cost of booking a session with Christy ranges from $120-$160 per session.

Alexandra Harrison

Alexandra Harrison is a social worker and a professional therapist with a diverse experience in counselling couples and teens in relationships. She is one of the best therapists in healing and reconnecting broken relationships, adjusting and improving the parenthood in marriage. She specializes in relationship issues such as divorce, infidelity, anxiety, and depression. Alexandra also handles women’s pregnancy challenges and prenatal and postpartum problems. She can also help you solve eating disorders and mental health such as mood disorders.

She focuses only on adults, specifically couples and individuals but not children. She earned a bachelor’s degree in social work from the Colorado State University and is licensed with a license number: Colorado/0009920378. You can book a session by contacting her via phone number: (720) 386 4742

Ashlee A Cespedes

Ashlee is a licensed professional therapist with Colorado/LPC.0015290. She obtained a bachelor’s degree in social work from Regis University, graduating in 2014. Ashlee A Cespedes is specialized in providing counselling to relationship issues such as infidelity, divorce, grief, and family conflicts. She offers to counsel for depression, life transitions, infertility problems, stress, self-esteem, etc. She can also handle pregnancy, prenatal, anxiety and postpartum issues in women.

Ashlee focuses on adult issues only specifying couples and individuals and is therefore not the best choice for handling child issues. She provides different types of therapy such as comparison-focused therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, solution-focused brief, motivational interviewing, humanistic, and integrative therapy. She is located at Lakewood, CO but can also serve other cities such as Denver, Co, and Wheat Ridge, Co, in the counties of Jefferson and Denver. She can also offer online counselling to clients, not in a position to reach her place.

The cost of booking a session with Ashlee A Cespedes is $120- $150 per session. However, you can call Ashlee on the phone for free for a 15-minute consultation via her phone number: (716) 456 8099. You can pay her for the services on American Express, cash, Mastercard and visa. She also has an additional credential such as the state: PSI5732 Postpartum Support international.

Rocky Mountain Counselling and Wellness Center

Rocky Mountain counselling and wellness provides holistic means of therapy. The therapy experts here are professional in counselling and has a deep understanding of most common relationship issues. They offer to counsel couples or individuals, brain training, and massage therapy. They also prove counselling on issues such as depression, self-care, intimacy, and many others at individual level. They majorly focus on adults and therefore not a good choice for handling child issues. You can contact them via phone at (720)663 7459 to book a session or locate them at 720 Kipling St, Lakewood, CO 80215. They serve the city of Lake wood and also other neighboring cities of Denver CO.

If you are facing challenges in your marriage, individually or even in your relationship, never give up. There are many options you can consider other than losing hope in life. Counselling is always the best method to overcome these issues. It is always believed that “a problem shared is a problem half solved. Always consider giving it a try before you think of destroying, you’re your marriage or relationship. The consequences of divorce or depression may be bitter and painful. However, you can avoid such consequences if you have a counsellor to counsel you on issues you face as a couple to ensure a successful marriage.

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