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Greeley Marriage Counselors: Top Rated Counselors for Couples in Greeley, CO

Marriage or relationships experience all sorts of hurdles and trials that test how they can handle themselves as individuals or together as a tandem with their partner.

Learning alongside overcoming any rough patches with a partner can be done solely or with the help of a professional if both parties are comfortable in having a third-party mediator type of guide be with them for added support.

It is found that depending on the couple’s age or generational background, the percentage of them resorting to marriage or couples therapy differs.

A 2017-2020 study shows a noticeable difference in ratings or percentage in couples’ preferences for being involved in couple or marriage therapy.

  • Millennials come in at 51%
  • Boomers are at 48%
  • Gen X is at 46%

Greeley CO marriage counselors can help all couples or partners in need of therapy or guidance in navigating their way into bringing back the once honeymoon-like era and feel of the relationship.

Whether outside the Greeley CO state or not, these professionals can help out and instill a thing or two that can make the relationship stronger than ever before.

How Marriage or Couple Counselling and Therapy Began

This approach of conflict resolution and reigniting of couple flames or relationship sparks started in the 1920s in Germany as a eugenic movement that institutes shared goals and visions in the relationship of the individuals concerned to work toward the betterment of their union or partnership.

Harville Hendrix and Helen Lakelly Hunt are notable names attached to this therapy that is widely used in most relationships until today.

In 1929, New York City prided itself on establishing the first marriage counseling clinic in America.

Benefits Anyone can get After a Session of Marriage Counselling or Couple Therapy.

Although for some, it is deemed uncomfortable to have a stranger, let alone a professional mediator hear about an individual’s struggles or sensitive and private whereabouts in their relationship.

It can be the most embarrassing thing to the individual involved for the most obvious reasons.

However, there are still benefits worth mentioning that couples married or in a long and solid relationship can get.

Here are some good things notable for anybody to know that can help in changing their mind to seeking marriage counseling or couple therapy:

  • Communication skills improved
  • A safe space where one can share their sentiments without being judged
  • A deeper understanding of where their partner or spouse is in and why it is happening
  • Approaching life transitions together and more solid
  • Techniques for a more fulfilling and healthy partnership, marriage, or relationship

Those mentioned above are just a few of the many benefits this therapy session can provide an individual or couple struggling to keep their relationship alive and breathing.

A little help is always encouraged and is always considered a healthy technique by many and is not something to mean anything negative to the couple’s reputation in trouble.

When to Know if A Marriage Needs Counselling or Couples Need Therapy

Every couple all over the world is not an exemption when it comes to roadblocks in their union or partnership. They falter, make mistakes, and have a few hardships. It is very much experienced by many and is not something to be ashamed of in most cases.

Greeley CO marriage counselors have helped so many partnerships and marriages in overcoming their hurdles together and come out stronger than ever right after.

But how does one know the right timing to include a marriage counselor or dive into couple therapy once the relationship or union turns sour or not how it once used to be?

Professionals in the area of Greeley Co marriage counselors have a few inputs they wish to share for all who need answers to this question.

  • The relationship seems to have drifted apart or grown apart
  • When it feels like Divorce, Legal Separation or Annulment appears to be the only solution
  • There have been issues in faithfulness or loyalty
  • Money Matters that end in arguments
  • A significant transition in the couple or family life is affecting negatively the partnership or relationship

If it seems like these samples hit the spot, it is best to seek advice and help from professionals to try and save or see what appears best for the relationship.

Whether it may end in good faith, just as statistics have shown that all therapies or counseling sessions have a or a tragic one, at least it is considered that all possible ways of saving the partnership or relationship were resorted to, and reasonable efforts were made.

This way, both parties can have their peace of mind and contentment knowing they did not miss out on all options to try for the betterment or saving of their union.

7 Marriage Counselors or Couple Therapy Professionals in Greeley CO that Can Help out any Couple or Marriage in Need

In the Greeley Co area, legitimate and qualified professionals in the realm of marriage counseling and couple therapy are available and can be sought out when needed.

They ensure confidentiality and high levels of professionalism when handling situations regarding troubled marriages or couples in need of help.

1. Specialty Counseling and Consulting

They aim to aid in counseling and even consult mental, emotional, and physical hurdles a family or couple has been engaged in. They believe in the importance of starting with oneself through nurturing the mind, the body, and the spirit of maintaining healthy thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and social interactions to work their way into managing the union and partnership that is experiencing troubles.

2. Experience Hope Counseling

Just as how the previous therapy or counseling group believes in working on one’s self first, this team does the same. They offer specialized counseling for the Man and Woman uniquely and separately should they be interested and then have sessions for couples that both can attend to. They have coached and have offered counseling services for decades and have proven successful results with their techniques.

3. Restore Grace Counseling

As handled and founded by Gena Hepworth MSW, LCSW, she believes that couples can resort to counseling through the techniques she once knew from a former mentor. With The Gottman Method or Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT), sessions will reignite and assure couples of the union that their hearts desire.

The team or Grace herself will reintroduce to the couple trust and connection as the solution for the rocky union being experienced. They will handle as well all approaches and techniques professionally where they will be asking if the couple is willing and comfortable in doing such advised ways in the session.

4. EnCourage Counseling

This group believes in a wholesome welcoming and valuing of all in need of marriage counseling or couple therapy. Their professionals use theoretical techniques to figure out possible settlements and needed changes for the marriage or relationship to work. They provide short-term, goal-oriented, and optimistic forms of methods for the couples to work out their hurdles which are deemed effective by many.

5. Dr. Betty Cardona, Licensed Professional Counselor, PhD, LPC

She is a certified and qualified counselor with professional experience of 20+ years. Her clients will be assessed to be able to gear them toward the resolution they wish and think is best for the union and pinpointing the causes individually that affect the couple in total, such as depression, addiction, or anxiety, for example. She believes that the root cause of every union to experience many hurdles or troubles is because of the likes of these.

6. Ashley Braund, M.A., LPCC

She considers it a privilege to accompany any couple struggling in their journey to change and bring back their flame in marriage and relationship. Whether therapy sessions or advice for assistance in the relationship is needed, she can be contacted. She can set an appointment for both or individually can work out whatever it is required in order to come up with ways on how to resolve the hurdles being experienced that dim out the intimacy and love in the relationship.

The creative approach she uses are several different types of therapies and theories which allows couples to experience a new perspective on the downfalls and obstacles that may have been preventing them from reaching out to their partners and providing the full potential they can offer with themselves that can make the relationship as solid as it once was and reignite the individual’s healthiest self that can affect as well how they handle the union they are in.

7. Keli Focht, M.S.W., CAC II

With her degree from the University of Toronto, she has been able to handle relationships and marriages in need of advice and counseling. She believes in restoring their communication and intimacy as ways to revive the struggling relationship. A strong foundation with built-in communication and intimacy is a way for couples to reinstate their needs and wants and what they can offer in the relationship.

The holistic approach she practices works best and well with couples recovering from infidelity, conflicts, and financial and addiction recovery that negatively affect the partnership.

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