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Fort Collins Marriage Counselors: Top 10 Rated and Reviewed

Anyone who is married knows that marriage isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. It’s hard work, and sometimes there are issues that seem too big to overcome.

If that’s the case for you, know that you’re not alone. Also know that even if your challenges seem insurmountable, it IS possible to get your marriage back on track. 

Before making a permanent decision like divorce, consider other options. Marriage counseling can help you get to the root cause of your issues, overcome them, and teach the communication and conflict resolution skills you need to make sure future issues don’t stress your marriage to its breaking point again.

If you’ve already tried counseling unsuccessfully: Fort Collins Divorce Lawyer

There really is nothing to lose by going to marriage counseling. The worst thing that could happen is that you and your spouse improve yourselves, walking away with tools and skills to better handle emotions, communication, and conflict. But it could lead to something so much better — many couples are able to make their way out of their rut and get to a place that’s even stronger than before.

There are many options for marriage counseling. Each one takes a unique approach and has a unique style that could be right for you and your partner. At the very least, they can help you become better individual people and lead emotionally healthier lives.

Here are some recommended marriage counselors in Fort Collins, Colorado:

1) Foundations Counseling, LLC

The counselors at Foundations Counseling utilize proven techniques to help you overcome obstacles including pre-marital needs, communication, intimacy, attachment, sexual issues, affair recovery, second marriages, and more. All team members have either a Masters or Doctoral degree in counseling or psychology with specific specialties.

Address: 155 E Boardwalk Dr, Fort Collins, CO

Phone: (970) 227-2770

Services: Individual therapy, marriage & couples counseling, family counseling, child & teen counseling

2) Kathleen Koelsch Counseling

Kathleen Koelsch holds a Masters in Counseling and is Level 2 certified in Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP). While that sounds complicated, it just means that she is highly skilled in helping people and couples fix issues and discover strengths. She offers free initial phone consultations so you can see if she is a good fit for you.

Address: 2627 Redwing Rd Suite 325, Fort Collins, CO

Phone: (303) 872-5577

Services: Individual and couples counseling

3) Colorado Center for Couples and Families

At the Colorado Center for Couples and Families, you’ll be met with a team of three therapists who specialize in helping form and maintain healthy relationships between couples and families. All clinicians at this practice are trained in Emotionally Focused Therapy to take each couple through two phases: de-escalation where you find the root of the conflict, and stage two, where you work together to change the negative interaction cycle that’s preventing your relationship from flourishing.

Address: 1502 S. College Ave, Fort Collins, CO

Phone: (303) 536-7979

Services: Individual therapy, couples counseling, premarital counseling, family counseling, infidelity therapy

4) Rita Dykstra, Psychotherapy Services

Rita Dykstra, LPC, is a psychotherapy specialist who has been helping countless people and couples for more than 15 years. She helps couples re-establish lines of communication and find connections they have lost. She has helped hundreds of couples not only stop their marriages from falling apart, but make them stronger than ever.

Address: 4745 E Boardwalk Dr #C3, Fort Collins, CO

Phone: (970) 391-0200

Services: Couples counseling, anxiety counseling, marriage counseling, counseling services

5) Emery Counseling

Emery Counseling is a group of eight experienced therapists and counselors that deal with a range of issues. You can get a free 30 minute consultation to help you figure out which counselor is right for you and your situation. They also offer in home couples counseling, so you can work out your relationship issues from the comfort and privacy of your own home. 

Address: 803 E Mulberry St, Fort Collins, CO

Phone: (970) 490-1309

Services: Individual therapy, couples counseling, family therapy, child & teen therapy, pre-marriage counseling, at home couples counseling

6) Marriage Help, Colorado PLLC

Miriam Bellamy has 21 years of experience as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Over that time, she’s worked with families and couples with a vast range of issues, including how things like anxiety disorders or chronic illnesses impact entire family systems. Through her practice, you can also participate in online therapy, where you have your sessions via video chat — this is a great option for those who need to save time, who live far from Fort Collins, or who have physical or mental limitations to coming to the office.

Address: 2627 Redwing Rd Ste 325, Fort Collins, CO

Phone: (303) 222-5118

Services: Marriage counseling, sex therapy, family therapy for anxiety, chronic illness support group, infidelity counseling group, online therapy

7) Blue Spruce Counseling

The professionals at Blue Spruce Counseling take the time and effort to help their clients make lasting changes, not just temporary fixes. The counselors at Blue Spruce utilize many methods, so you can be confident that they’ll find one that fits your specific situation and personality. They also offer counseling services through Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, phone, and email — whatever works best for you.

Address: 515 S Sherwood St, Fort Collins, CO

Phone: (970) 221-0581

Services: Relationship counseling, stress and anxiety counseling, depression and grief counseling, alternative lifestyle counseling, online counseling

8) Light of the Rockies Christian Counseling Center

For those seeking a faith-based approach to marriage counseling, the Light of the Rockies Christian Counseling Center is one of the leaders in Northern Colorado. As a non-profit organization, their goal is to provide affordable counseling centered on psychology and Christian faith. They also have Life Coaches that operate on a sliding scale and financial assistance, to give people even more accessibility to the help they need.

Address: 5236 Strauss Cabin Rd, Fort Collins, CO 

Phone: (970) 484-1735

Services: Marriage counseling, premarital counseling, child and family counseling, life coaching

9) Heart-Centered Counseling of Fort Collins

Heart-Centered Counseling is a group of dedicated counselors who are passionate about helping couples and individuals through their toughest times. Unlike many other counseling groups, they have immediate availability, evening and weekend hours, staff in-network for every major insurance carrier, and payment assistance to help you get the help you deserve regardless of your financial situation. 

Address: 1525 Riverside Ave, Fort Collins, CO

Phone: (970) 779-4356

Services: Individual counseling, couples counseling, child/teen counseling, groups, tele-therapy

10) Restoration Counseling Center of Northern Colorado

The team at Restoration Counseling Center of Northern Colorado all come from different backgrounds and experiences, but all believe in the same commitment to helping people re-discover who they were meant to be. Through Christian-guided practices, they help you find, address, and rebuild from deep core issues that are causing your marriage to go off its intended path. They also offer telehealth sessions so you can seek help privately and from the comfort of your home.

Address: 155 W Harvard St #401, Fort Collins, CO

Phone: (970) 672-7974

Services: Individual and marriage counseling, intensives, parent counseling, sexual counseling, virtual counseling

No matter how difficult the challenges you’re facing in your marriage are right now, there’s always a chance it will get better. You never know until you try — and these marriage counselors are here to help you try.

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