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Denver Marriage Counselors: 11 Top Rated Counselors for Couples in Denver

The Top 11 Marriage Counselors in Denver

Sometimes couples go through more than the expected ups and downs in their marriages. Whether it be a glaring obstacle or a “I’m not really sure where things went wrong” situation, marriage issues are extremely difficult.

However, having issues doesn’t have to mean that your marriage is over. Before considering divorce, you should try to look into other options if possible — one being marriage counseling.

If you’ve already tried counseling unsuccessfully: Denver Divorce Lawyer

Benefits of seeking marriage counseling

Marriage counseling or couple’s therapy has benefits for couples in all situations. Here are some of the top benefits:

  • Learning healthy conflict resolution techniques
  • Improving communication skills
  • Having an opportunity to speak for yourself without being offensive or defensive
  • Processing unresolved issues
  • Understanding yourself and your spouse better
  • Learning skills to cope with future life transitions together
  • Learning skills that translate to an overall more fulfilling marriage

Even if you think it’s too late for professional help to make a difference, you never know until you try. You may find that both of you are more willing to make things work than you initially thought.

The best case scenario is that you are able to work through your issues and save your marriage. The worse case is that the marriage still ends, but you both gave the best possible effort to save it — and you walk away with skills that can help you in any future relationships.

Here are the top marriage counselors in Denver for anyone seeking help:

1) Growing Self

Growing Self specializes in positive, effective, and evidence-based marriage counseling and relationship coaching that helps you heal your bond. The relationship experts of Growing Self are the best of the best: licensed marriage and family therapists with specialized education, training and experience in the fastest, most effective, and longest-lasting forms of couples therapy including The Gottman Method and Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy. Their expertise, combined with a strengths-based and results-oriented coaching approach, can help you rediscover your commitment, restore healthy communication, repair trust and emotional security, find new solutions to old problems, and grow — together.

Growing Self offers marriage counseling in Denver, as well as marriage counseling online.



  • Denver: 720 S Colorado Blvd, North Tower Penthouse, Suite 1353N, Denver, CO 80246
  • Broomfield: 390 Interlocken Crescent, Suite 329, Broomfield, CO 80021
  • DTC: 8400 E Crescent Parkway, Suite 607, Greenwood Village, CO 80111
  • Fort Collins: 649 Remington Street, Fort Collins, CO 80524

Phone: 720-370-1800 



2) Individual & Relationship Therapy, PLLC

At the Individual and Relationship Therapy Center, the focus is on providing you with a therapy experience that results in positive, lasting change. They are a group of highly trained therapists who specialize in using Emotionally Focused Therapy – the most effective model of couples therapy – to get to the root cause of the patterns and dynamics that keep you from feeling connected to the important people in your life.


Address: 425 S Cherry St. #810, Denver, CO

Phone: (720) 639-7724

Services: Couples, individual, and family counseling


3) The Catalyst Center, Inc.

The Catalyst Center feels more like a spa than an office, with comfortable open spaces for you to relax, breathe, and talk. The holistic treatment center both utilizes cutting-edge approaches and proven therapy techniques to help people change their lives.

Individuals and couples will get a free initial consultation, where a unique plan is made for every situation and to make sure your therapist is the right fit.


Address: 300 S. Jackson St. #520, Denver, CO

Phone: (720) 675-7123

Services: Individual therapy, couples therapy, neurofeedback brain training, EMDR, pregnancy/new parenthood support, parenting children and teens, groups


4) Colorado Couples & Family Therapy

Colorado Couples & Family Therapy takes a boutique approach to therapy, basing your program on science but tailoring it to your specific situation. With 40+ years of scientifically validated research about couples, they show couples the exact steps they need to take to have a successful partnership. They can also help address any individual issues you are having that may be impacting your relationship in private sessions.


Address: 2041 E Virginia Ave., Denver, CO

Phone: (303) 881-3355

Services: Couples, families, individuals


5) The Relationship Center of Colorado

The professionals at the Relationship Center of Colorado have more than 20 years of experience in helping couples develop better communication and conflict resolution strategies. The team also specializes in sexual issues as well as counseling specific to LGBTQ couples and couples in alternative/nontraditional relationships.


Address: 999 18th St. Suite 2725, Denver, CO

Phone: (720) 660-2321

Services: Individual, couples counseling, LGBTQ couples and individual counseling, alternative relationship counseling, military marriage counseling, couples retreats, sex therapy.


6) Counseling Center of Cherry Creek

The team at Cherry Creek specializes in helping people communicate effectively, which they believe to be the core of many relationship issues. They will teach you and your partner how to manage and communicate your individual feelings effectively, which will strengthen your collective relationship.


Address: 323 Detroit St., Denver, CO

Phone: (720) 457-3342

Services: Stay or go counseling, couples therapy, couples therapy for one, individual counseling, sex therapy, pre-marital and pre-committment therapy


7) Colorado Relationship Recovery

Colorado Relationship Recovery was founded by Jason Polk, LCSW, LAC who understands firsthand the hurt, sadness, and confusion that relationships can bring. He has developed a unique relationship recovery model that addresses the relationship in five stages: willingness to work on the relationship, understanding your partner’s pain points, helping your partner succeed, repair and reconnect, and accepting your partner’s imperfections.


Address: 1777 S Bellaire St. #460, Denver, CO

Phone: (720) 272-9573

Services: Couples counseling, couples intensive, premarital counseling, couples therapy focusing on substance use, anxiety


8) Karen Wise, MS, LPC

Karen Wise, MS, LPC specializes in helping you heal — either from individual issues or the issues you are facing as a couple. You can book a free consultation with them over the phone, or visit her website where she has many helpful resources.


Address: 925 Lincoln Street, Denver Colorado 80203

Phone: (720) 231-2459

Services: Individual & Couples Counseling


9) The Marriage and Family Clinic

The Marriage and Family Clinic serves North Denver and the surrounding area with a team of accredited and experienced family and couples therapy experts. Each team member takes a unique approach, so you’ll be sure to find one that resonates with your situation. They also offer family/child counseling if your situation is impacting your entire family, and groups for continued support.


Address: 12050 N Pecos St. #170, Westminster, CO

Phone: (720) 648-8285

Services: Marriage counseling, family counseling, child counseling, individual counseling

10) Modern Love Counseling

Modern Love takes a unique — and modern — approach to relationships. They offer counseling and coaching services for couples and business partners, but it doesn’t stop there. Owner Alysha Jeney, MA, LMFT also consults for healthcare professionals who want to grow their private practices and gives dating coaching for people looking for new tools and skills in the modern dating world.


Address: 2433 44th Ave., Denver, CO

Phone: (303) 900-8514

Services: Individual counseling, couples counseling, partnership coaching for entrepreneurs, private practice consulting, dating coaching


11) Colorado Center for Couples & Families

The Colorado Center for Couples & Families is experienced in a number of issues that affect couples, children, and families. When it comes to couples, the team uses Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy to work on your relationship in two stages: the de-escalation stage which uncovers the deeper conflicts and negative cycles in the relationship, and the “we again” stage that helps you overcome those negative cycles and develop a strong bond again.


Address: 3600 S. Yosemite St., Denver, CO

Phone: (303) 578-3350

Services: Couples counseling, infidelity therapy, premarital counseling, family therapy, individual therapy, supervision for therapists

We hope this list helps you find the marriage counseling that’s right for you and changes your life for the better.


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