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Colorado Snow and Ice Removal

Each winter in Colorado, the snow comes and goes. And with each storm, there is sure to be someone
who is injured from slipping on snow and ice. Did you know that Colorado has adopted a law that
protects people from the fault of property owners? The Colorado Premises Liability Act (PLA) dictates
the standard of care owed by property owners based on their relationship with different kinds of visitors
to their property. Colorado law uses three separate groups:


Invitees are people who visit a property to conduct business where both the owner and invitee are
interested. Common examples are your everyday businesses, such as gas stations, stores, restaurants,
etc. Invitees can recover damages when a landowner fails to use reasonable care in handling dangers
that they knew—or should have known—about.


Licensees are individuals who have the owner’s permission to be on the property for the licensee’s own
benefit. Common examples are allowing someone to fish or hunt on the owner’s property or having
people over for a party. Licensees can recover damages when the landowner fails to protect from known
hazards or to warn about hazards on the property.


Trespassers are someone who enters a property without the owner’s permission. Common examples
are those that sneak onto a property, stay on a property longer than allowed, or enter “off-limit” areas
of a property. Trespassers can only recover damages that are willfully or deliberately caused by the

Under the PLA, landowners are not the only responsible parties. Others may be held liable as well, such
as tenants, business managers, property managers, and other people who are charged with the upkeep
of the property.

Snow and ice are an obvious hazard, and owners must take reasonable measures for removal.
Landowners have a duty to keep walkways and parking lots safe from dangerous conditions. While it is
not reasonable that every bit of snow and ice be removed, Colorado courts use a “reasonable” standard
to evaluate if the owner can be held liable for injuries sustained from a slip and fall.

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