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Centennial Marriage Counselors: Top Rated Counselors for Couples in Centennial, CO

Many people may perceive marriage as a way of strengthening a couple’s relationship with each other. But this doesn’t come as easy as it seems. Preparation for marriage takes a lot of hard work and time, not to mention the challenges that come after the wedding ceremony. It is an important decision that takes a considerable amount of commitment from both parties for a lifetime.

With this, most couples usually discover that they aren’t prepared for married life well into their first year or that they’re incompatible with each other. The problems of work and the demands of life can find their way into the relationship, causing serious misunderstandings that can hurt you and your spouse. While these difficulties are common, it’s still important to put in the required effort from the couple to settle their issues.

Marriage counseling is the perfect way to go about this. Couples can seek marriage counseling before or after marriage, especially since it’s a way to let the couple discuss unspoken matters honestly with each other. The marriage counselor usually serves as the mediator and identifies certain behavioral patterns to determine the heart of the issue. Through this, the counselor will be able to provide specific advice on how the couple can resolve it and strengthen their bond and the necessary steps they should take to do so.

Here’s a list of Centennial CO Marriage Counselors in the area if you want to seek marriage counseling services.

1. Colorado Counseling Center

Colorado Counseling Center is a trusted and inclusive counseling center for individuals and couples to bring back their sense of hope, build confidence, and reconnect with life and love again. At Colorado Counseling Center, the counselors try their best to guide clients every step of the way, allowing them to get the quality care they deserve. The center also provides both individual and couples counseling specialties. Individual counseling includes Grief Counseling, EMDR Therapy, Faith Crisis Counseling, AEDP counseling, and relationship improvement. On the other hand, the services for couples counseling include Emotionally Focused Therapy, Mixed-Faith Relationships, and Infidelity Counseling.

All of the counselors in Colorado Counseling Center are specifically trained and skilled in Emotionally Focused Therapy. This approach is widely researched and considered the most effective form of therapy in helping couples bring back their connection. Here, the counselors will help couples in changing and recognizing the patterns that can be a hindrance to their closeness. Through this, it will be easier for you to start understanding and treating your spouse with the same amount of respect, love, and understanding you deserve without being hijacked by blame or resentment.

Moreover, the center’s team of experienced counselors allows you to identify your needs for togetherness and acceptance, gradually building a safe space for connection to resolve issues together. This will help you learn how to communicate with each other without inhibitions, which will help the couple acknowledge each other’s wounds and concerns. Doing this will enable couples to continue their married life with hope and dignity while bearing the same goals for the relationship.

The center also provides secure marriage counseling for couples, making it easier for you to access their services with a single click.

2. Align Counseling Center

If you feel like you and your spouse have been stuck in a rut lately, Align Counseling Center in Centennial, CO, can help. The center allows couples to rebuild the relationship, forging it into something stronger and healthier than before. At Align Counseling Center, counselors perform marriage counseling to clients for plenty of reasons such as power struggles, emotional safety, sexual intimacy problems, bickering and arguing, growing apart, past events that impact the relationship, children issues, mistrust, infidelity, or lost physical attraction. They also provide pre-commitment and pre-marital counseling, which helps young couples set realistic expectations for marriage and plan for the future in ways that can benefit both parties.

The marriage counselors at Align Counseling Center are also equipped with the necessary skills and expertise to render quality service to clients. Moreover, they also use the Psychobiological Approach to Couple Therapy, which is considered an effective model for helping couples cut right through the root of the issue and get back on track immediately.

They also offer other services in Individuals Counseling where people each have their private time to discuss their individual concerns with their therapists through an earnest one-on-one setup.

3. Sharona Stone, ME.D, LCSW, DCH

Serving the mental health field for over 35 years now, Dr. Sharona Stone possesses a string of credentials that help her to provide her clients with quality care grounded on objective and proven methods. She specializes in offering marital and pre-marital counseling, child counseling, and treating mood disorders of people of all ages. Dr. Stone mainly utilizes a relational therapeutic style where she actively engages in asking questions that give way to brand new perspectives and explore possibilities. But more than that, she’s also an expert in using other approaches such as Emotionally-Focused Therapy, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Attachment-Based Therapy, Eclectic Therapy, Coaching, Trauma-Focused Therapy, Psychodynamic Therapy, and more.

Dr. Stone’s methods allow couples to consider possible ways they can navigate their relationships which can result in shared satisfaction and harmony.

4. MyCounselor – Centennial, CO

Based in Centennial, CO, MyCounselor offers evidence-based and biblically integrated therapy to locals residing in the area. The center’s team of licensed and top-rated counselors specializes in marriage counseling, anxiety, depression, sex therapy, addiction, and trauma.

Here, couples can receive counseling from expert therapists and counselors who are particularly trained in scientifically-backed ET strategies. They also employ communication and conflict resolution that helps facilitate respectful and honest discussion on topics that must be talked about, even if there’s disagreement in the matter. This allows the counselors to guide couples in finding a resolution to existing issues, helping them gain emotional reconnection and break out of old, unhealthy behavioral patterns. The center also provides online marriage counseling, which you can conveniently access at any time. Through this, you can increase communication, improve sex life, rebuild trust, and manage conflict.

5. Enrich Relationship Center of Colorado

ERC or Enrich Relationship of Colorado is a leading group psychology practice that offers specialized group and individual therapeutic services and care. The center is hinged on the belief that no man is an island and that effective healing occurs when it’s cultivated within relationships. The counselors and clinicians’ goal is to help couples reconnect with their loved ones, their life, and themselves.

The mission of the Enrich Relationship Center of Colorado is dedicated to creating a safe space to make way for deeper understanding and truly knowing the best steps in making your relationships thrive. The care providers are trained therapists and highly trained doctoral-level psychologists in Centennial, CO, who offer relationship work with adolescents, couples, and parents. With this, they utilize the Gottman method of relationship therapy as an approach in each session. In addition to that, each counselor and therapist also have their own areas of specialization and expertise, such as treatment for chronic illness, infertility, ADHD, and more. Furthermore, the center also cultivates an open and welcoming atmosphere that is culturally aware and LGBTQ+ affirmative as well.

They also provide secure video conferencing for clients for easy access.

6. Collaborate counseling

Collaborate counseling’s team of counselors all have excellent backgrounds and areas of expertise that provide couples with a tangible plan to work out their problems and issues. They also utilize the Emotionally Focused Therapy as an approach for the sessions in marriage counseling. Backed by empirical and scientific data, this helps in providing long-lasting and permanent change when implemented.

The majority of clients who have consulted the help of Collaborate Counseling have reported at least a 75% reduction in stress in only the first few sessions. Here, the counselors build a strong client-therapist relationship where the couples have a safe space to rebuild their trust while expressing uninhibited emotions and concerns. This allows the couples to communicate effectively, ultimately allowing them to be on the same page and maintain a healthy married life along the way.

The goal is to bring significant transformation in both relational and individual life that can reflect in all areas of life. The center also offers individual, couples, and family therapy, all geared to achieve maximum satisfaction and results that help cultivate relationships for the better.

Marriage Counseling is important if you want to sustain a healthy partnership with your partner throughout your married life. This helps you fully acknowledge your spouse’s concerns and issues that cause conflicts in the relationship. However, marriage counseling will also need an equal amount of effort and willingness from both parties to gain optimal results and satisfaction in the relationship. This way, you and your spouse can efficiently resolve future obstacles you may face along the way together without compromising commitment and emotional intimacy.

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