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Bail Bonds in the Denver Area

Denver Bail Bonds

Burnham Law’s criminal defense lawyers are ready to defend the accused. The sooner a criminal defense strategy can be implored, the better. This is why Burnham Law wants its clients out of jail and working with our team to prepare the best defense possible. 

In Colorado, many people who are arrested can be released on bond. Colorado bonds are an agreement to the court and a condition of a pretrial release and can require:

  • Abiding by specific requirements such as monitored sobriety and travel restrictions.
  • The posting of money or property, commonly referred to as bail.

The purpose of a bail bond is to address community safety and to assure the defendant’s appearance at court hearings. Failure to comply with bond conditions or to appear in court can result in the bond being revoked, a warrant being issued, and the defendant being arrested.

In many situations, a Court will impose a bail amount that exceeds the defendant’s ability to pay. Colorado allows defendants to hire bail bond companies. Bail bond companies provide a surety bond where they agree to be responsible for the defendant in exchange for taking a fee. In essence, the bail bond company will post the money on behalf of the defendant.

Being a premier law firm, Burnham Law understands the qualities of a component bail bond company. These qualities include timeliness, responsiveness, and cost. In our experience, the top 5 bail bond companies in Denver are as follows: 

Our Top 5 Denver Bail Bond Companies

All Day All Night Bail Bonds

190 E 9th Ave 

Denver, CO 80203

(303) 920-4433

VIP Bail Bonds

1720 S. Bellaire Str. #310 

Denver, CO 80222

(303) 778-0026

Tayler Made Bail Bonding

3595 S Teller Str. Suite 300A 

Lakewood, CO 80235

(303) 623-0399

A Class Bail Bonds

5777 E. Evans Ave. Suite 204 – 

Denver, CO 80222

(720) 271-5385

Reliable Bail Bonds

3934 Federal Blvd 

Denver, CO 80211

(303) 271-3881

With a track record of success, Burnham Law’s criminal defense division applies passionate and expert legal representation.  If you have been charged with a Colorado crime, give yourself the likelihood of having charges dismissed or reduced by hiring Burnham Law.

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