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3 WAYS to protect your children during a custody case!

There are three ways you can protect your child during a custody case. When I think of protecting a child, I think about their emotional development.

Don’t include them in the fight

The first thing that comes to mind is not including them. You can protect them by not talking to them about the case. You don’t want to include your child in any custody case or custody fight discussions. It’s just not child- centered.

Listen to your child

The next thing is making sure that you’re listening to your child. That’s how you protect them: by being informed and engaged. So you want to be able to protect them by not including them. You want to protect them by listening to them.

Bring in the experts

And the third way you can protect your child during a custody situation is by making sure that you have experts involved. I think that a CFI or a PRE are really important, especially in a high conflict case. That’s a third party independent person who is focused on the best interests of your child. And that’s the voice that the court is going to put a lot of weight on.

So don’t include them. Listen to them. And bring in the experts. That’s how you protect your child in a custody case.

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