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There can be a lot of conflict among family members. This includes divorce process, separation, child support matters, property and asset division, etc. And because you’re dealing with loved ones, these issues can be sensitive and overwhelming.

Trying to navigate a family law matter on your own is exposing yourself to a lot of risks and complications. It’s surely taking a toll on your emotions, which can cloud your judgment and hinder you from seeing things rationally. Not to mention that legal cases can be intimidating. So in situations like this, it’s best to seek the help of a Denver family lawyer.

Having a lawyer alongside you can ensure that you have assertive and diligent family law representation while you focus on healing, moving on, and paving the way to a new beginning. With our family lawyers,  you can leave the complex family issues to us and increase the chances of you getting the most favorable results.


We at Burnham Law believe that there are no obstacles in law. Just challenges. Our lawyers are equipped and ready to handle emotionally sensitive and complex law cases that you may have. As Colorado’s premier law firm and a prominent member of Colorado Bar Association, we can provide you with the highest level of excellence, legal services, rigorous advocacy, and innovation in client representation.

Choosing our Denver Family Attorneys ensures that you have a strong advantage from the outset. We will work to give you the best possible results in your divorce and family law case.

This is an emotionally charged area of law that many people find difficult to navigate because of strong emotions towards or against the other party. We want you to get the most competent and compassionate legal representation who understands the intricacies of the law and your interests with regard to the case.

We have a great team of the best attorneys who all work hand in hand to help you. Our family law firm in Denver, Colorado has an unparalleled breadth of talent, seven great attorneys, former prosecutors, Child & Family Investigators, and seasoned litigators. Our legal team has been helping families throughout Colorado for years with all their legal issues related to family matters including domestic violence.

But more than our accolade of awards and the number of remarkable lawyers we have on our team, you should choose our Denver Family Attorneys because we understand you. We are human too, who know that this is a stressful and uncertain time for you. Because we understand, we can better partner with you to protect your rights and guide you through this emotionally taxing case so that you can emerge victoriously and pave the way to new beginnings.


Our Denver family lawyers are equipped and ready to handle any complexities and legal intricacies involved in your case. Whatever it is you are facing, we can guarantee that we have the experience, knowledge, and expertise to guide you through it.

We strive to provide you with peace of mind and confidence as you’re navigating this emotional phase of your life. The last thing we want is for complicated legal matters to add to your burdens.

Put your faith in us and allow us to offer you our remarkable, full-service representation for any aspect of your family law case. We can help you with the following areas:


Divorce law is a very complex and complicated field. And considering that you are battling it out with your ex-partner, it’s bound to be a very emotional and stressful experience.

In an overwhelming case like divorce, you need a mediator who can help keep you grounded, making objective and unbiased decisions to resolve any issue. With a lawyer, you have an objective voice of reason, helping you make sound decisions for your future.

Although there are swift and calm divorce cases, these proceedings’ sensitive nature makes it resemble a ticking bomb that can go off and become a high-tension litigation battle. This is why people shouldn’t handle their own divorce cases.

In a sensitive case like divorce, it’s important that you understand all the aspects of your case, craft a strategy, and stay laser-focused every step of the way. Our Denver divorce attorneys can keep you focused and intentional throughout the entirety of your case to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Not only that, but divorce cases have extensive paperwork. Having our lawyers assisting you will ensure that your documents and paperwork are filed in a correct, organized, and timely manner to avoid mistakes that can end up hurting your case.

Our Denver divorce lawyers can help provide you with the legal support you need during a divorce case, protect your rights and interests, and help you get the most favorable outcome possible.


Many parents think that they can handle child custody cases and visitation agreements on their own. While this may be true for some, it can be a difficult thing to talk about. As parents, you’re naturally attached to children, and if both parties can’t come to a solid, fair agreement, it becomes a big dispute that can harm even your relationship with your children.

In every case involving child custody and support, it is highly recommended to seek legal help. This will ensure that you are creating a parenting plan that meets the best interest of your children. In a heated situation like divorce or separation, you need an unbiased third party to make the best decisions for you, your ex-partner, and your child.

There are a lot of nuances involved in a child custody and support case that requires the help of a competent and seasoned family law lawyer. These include legal complications and intricacies and the voluminous paperwork you need to file that are difficult to understand and fill out.

Having our family lawyers standing with you can help ensure that you’re meeting all the procedural requirements involved in your case and avoiding the repercussions of improper or late filings.

It’s very risky to fight for custody of your child without a lawyer. In an extremely sensitive case like this, the slightest action or inaction can harm your chances of gaining custody. Having a lawyer who can make objective, wise, and informed decisions for you can make a world of difference in your custody battle outcome.


Money issues tend to always be involved in family law cases, especially in divorce and legal separation. Property division is one of the most complex and difficult fields to navigate. There are many risks and factors involved, especially if a jointly-owned business, high assets, and other complex financial matters come into play.

You also need to take into consideration things like business valuations, estates, inheritances, tax, pensions, and retirement assets, among others. Diving deep into these financial matters is bound to be technical and complicated.

Under Colorado law, the division of property shall be done in an equitable or fair but not necessarily equal manner. The amount that each spouse will receive will depend on your existing agreement with your ex-spouse. If none, it will be divided by the court, taking into consideration the financial documents submitted and the arguments of the parties.

The division of marital property is a high-conflict and high-profile situation that you and your ex-partner will be disputing. Hence, you need the help of an attorney to guide you through the complexities of the law and financial matters.

These cases need to be handled with the utmost care and knowledge to result in a fair division of property and assets. Our lawyers can help you obtain what is rightfully yours and ensure that your interests and rights are protected throughout the course of your property division proceedings.


Aside from child support that is to be paid by you or your ex depending on the order of the court, there is also such a thing as spousal support or alimony.

Colorado is an alimony-friendly State, which means that under the law, you may be entitled to support from your spouse. It’s important to be aware of the alimony laws and what you are entitled to obtain.

Alimony is not a right, nor is it a guarantee. But it’s still beneficial to have a lawyer who can study the facts of your case and determine if you may be eligible to receive spousal support.

Under the Colorado statutes, spousal support can be awarded by the court after the divorce is finalized and the marriage is dissolved. The percentage of the support depends on the length of the marriage and whatever the judge deems as equitable to both parties.

Some things that are considered include:

  • Your lifestyle during the marriage
  • The value of marital property received by the recipient spouse
  • Earning history
  • Age and health of the spouses, etc.

Spousal support or alimony can be awarded based on many different factors. Our lawyers can help you determine what, if any, you are entitled to and create a specific approach to enable you to obtain the best results.


You and your partner may be looking for help to write a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement. These are valid contracts that stipulate property and financial matters and may be a smart choice to protect your assets before entering into or during a marriage union.

A prenuptial agreement is entered into before the consummation of the marriage. On the other hand, a postnuptial agreement is entered into after the marriage or civil union. They both have the same nature and effect.

Our lawyers can help you draft your agreements properly, outlining the goals and needs of each party and ensuring that they are valid and enforceable under Colorado law. Some legal requirements for prenuptial or postnuptial agreements to be valid include:

  • It should be in writing and signed by both parties
  • No consideration is required, which means that the agreement can be one-sided.
  • It should disclose the assets and debts of both parties
  • It must be voluntarily entered into by both parties.
  • It must contain a notice of the waiving of rights
  • Stipulations about alimony or divorce attorney fees should not be unconscionable at the time of enforcement.

Should the agreement fail to meet these requirements, it is not valid and cannot be enforced. These are vital agreements that need professional assistance so that you can protect your interests.

Or maybe you and your ex-spouse have entered into a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement beforehand and now need to enforce it during your divorce. These agreements make a world of difference in matters such as the division of property and spousal support.

Our lawyers can help you litigate matters and stipulations in your prenuptial or postnuptial agreements so that you can protect the initial purpose and goals of your contract in an emotionally-charged divorce case.

We know how these agreements can be disputed and challenged in court. So we can help you protect your assets and prevent future loss.


Paternity proceedings are used to determine the biological father of a child or minor when the parents were not married when the child was born. Paternity can involve a lot of complex and complicated processes and procedures, which are undoubtedly hard to navigate alone. It might sound simple, but a lot of legal matters come into play, and child custody and support orders are highly dependent on paternity determination.

Because of the technicalities involved in paternity issues, you need the help of a family lawyer. Our attorneys can help you determine parentage and protect your interests, as well as that of your child. We will guide you through every step of the process, ensuring that you meet the procedural and substantial aspects of the case.


A family lawyer helps you navigate the legal complexities of your family issues in order to help you attain the best possible results in a legal proceeding. Our lawyers have proven experience and expertise in family law matters, and we can assist you in navigating these intimidating and complex legal considerations.

We walk with you throughout the entire process from start to finish, guiding you through all the bumps and curves you may face down the road. Our lawyers can answer your questions in the best way possible and provide you with sound and honest legal advice.

We will handle all the technicalities of your case, including the proper and timely filing of paperwork and documents to ensure that you do not fall short of the procedural requirements needed for your case.

Our lawyers can offer you strategic and smart solutions for your family law problems, always keeping your rights and best interests in mind. We stand with you and guide you through every legal issue or consideration that you come across, helping you overcome this tough phase of your life so that you can move on to a brighter tomorrow.


Every person has the right to have the assistance of counsel during any sort of entanglement with the law. Family cases are incredibly draining and emotionally, financially, and physically taxing. But you don’t have to go through this alone. Our lawyers are here to help you in the best ways possible.

Having a lawyer will give you an advantage and ensure that you are making all the right moves to obtain your case’s best possible outcomes. Especially if the opposing party has legal counsel, you need to also be represented by legal professionals to protect your rights and interests.

There are various benefits of hiring a family lawyer, which include:

  • Access to objective and unbiased legal support and advice
  • Creating proven and effective strategies tailor-fitted to your needs
  • The ability to properly and effectively negotiate matters involved in your case before trial
  • Professional advice and assistance with legal paperwork
  • Higher possibility of favorable results

No matter what family law issues you have, there’s bound to be complicated legal aspects that you may not be able to navigate on your own. With our lawyers having your back, you can have more confidence in your case and enjoy greater peace of mind.


The biggest concern that most people have about hiring a family lawyer is the cost of attorney’s fees. But these are important, or rather, crucial investments to make so that you can win your case and receive the best outcome.

Trying to navigate your case alone will expose you to more financial, mental, and emotional risks. So investing in a family law attorney is always a wise choice.

Most family lawyers and firms use a standard pricing model where clients pay an initial retainer and are billed a fair price by the hour. But here at Burnham Law, we offer a no-obligation consultation with our family law attorneys where we listen to your stories, analyze your case, determine legal strategies, and discuss what we can do to help you obtain the most favorable outcome.

Contact our law office in Denver, CO today to craft a sound roadmap we can take to help you with your case.