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Is Filing for Bankruptcy Right for You?

Bankruptcy shouldn’t be an emotional decision. It should be a practical business decision. If filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy would, on balance, benefit your family or your business then the decision to file bankruptcy is the right one to make.

If done right, bankruptcy is a proactive move that stops creditors and changes lives.  And a good bankruptcy attorney will guide you through the process so your assets are protected and you get the financial fresh start you deserve.

Choosing Todd was the best decision I ever made. From start to finish…he delivered on everything he promised…and we discharged over $75K in debt. My family and I thank you. We are finally going on our family vacation.

The Process

Our professionals will walk you through the entire process to ensure your financial future is protected.  You will receive a free 30 minute consultation with an experienced bankruptcy attorney.

We develop the plan of action with you, and for you, so you can achieve your financial goals.  Creditor lawsuits, garnishments and foreclosures require prompt action, whereas other situations allow for more planning and strategizing.  Either way we have you covered.

Perhaps equally important is the strategy for improving your financial future, not just eliminating the past debt.  We implement processes and procedures for improving your financial situation, not simply erasing the financial pain.

Todd & the Burnham Law team really took the pain and worry out of my bankruptcy. They had my trust and my family & I got our lives and peace of mind back - Thank you.

Protecting Your Assets

In Colorado we work with certain numbers allocated (credits) to assets.  A common misconception is that you will lose everything in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy…nothing could be further from the truth.  You keep the assets if the law allows a credit (also known as an exemption).  There are certain assets that are protected (such as your retirement), others that are protected to a certain limit (your home’s equity) and others that are not protected at all (stocks, timeshares).  Asset protection is key. 

Thank you for representing my husband and I yesterday. You were so prepared and it showed...making a very frightening experience extremely comfortable and painless. I cannot tell you enough how grateful my husband and I are to you and your office. We researched ten other law firms before you...you were $1000 less than most of them and we quickly realized yesterday that by choosing you we made one of the best decisions of our life.

Why Choose Burnham Law?

A law firm is a business.  The good firms provide value, reasonable pricing and exceptional results.  That is Burnham Law.  We aren’t a discounted law firm that files hundreds of cases.  We are a focused and results-driven firm and we thrive because of it.

Bankruptcy is a specialized area of law and we have specialists that focus exclusively on bankruptcy. We provide tremendous value for our clients. We are experts in the field and we handle it better than anyone else. Nothing matters more than the future of your family and having a fresh start in life. Hire our professionals to do this right.

What Makes Us Different

We have been asked why Burnham Law, such a highly reputable litigation firm,  offers bankruptcy services.  The answer is simple:  there is a glaring need for high-level legal representation especially when the stakes are so high and so many law firms offering these services don’t know what they are doing.  Many of these firms advertise one price, to get people to call, to only later charge inflated prices for “add-on services.” Our flat-fee prices are at the industry standard for reputable law firms and we offer payment plans.

Burnham’s prices are fair and you will have an experienced litigation attorney handling your case from the outset. Our esteemed bankruptcy lawyers have 10.0 Avvo ratings and have received the prestigious Super Lawyer and Rising Star designations for several years in a row. Nobody compares to our level of service, expertise and commitment to our clients.  With bankruptcy it is critical that you do it once, make sure it is done right and move on with your fresh start.  Too many mistakes occur, and too much money is lost, with law firms who treat these proceedings like an assembly line process often with paralegals doing all of the work.

Our reputation speaks to our truth:  we are the best at what we do.  Don’t trust your family’s chance at a fresh start by going with the cheapest law firm you can find.  You wouldn’t buy sushi at a gas station.  You always get what you pay for.  

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