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the 27th and 28th deaths on Wyoming roadways in 2023 occurred on February 28, 2023.

2023 continues to see an increase in Wyoming motor vehicle accident fatalities. Authorities have
reported that the 27th and 28th deaths on Wyoming roadways in 2023 occurred on February 28,
2023. Two drivers, both from out of state, died in separate crashes.

Sean Boyle passed away from a collision where a commercial vehicle crossed the center line and
hit him head on. The tragic crash happened while Boyle was driving east on Wyoming Highway
28 new milepost 42 in Fremont County.

Later, but on the same day, Jon McCullen Chung died when he crashed head-on with another
vehicle. Chung was traveling on Route 18 near milepost 10 in Niobrara County when the
collision occurred.

As traffic fatalities continue to occur at alarming rates, Burnham Law is dedicated to
representing those injured by the fault of others. We aim to build a safer roadway for all. Our
condolences to the family and friends of those lost in these tragic events.

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Disclaimer: Information about this incident is gathered from various sources. This news post is
solely to increase public awareness in the community we serve around the dangers of motor
vehicle accidents. The information contained in this post is not legal advice or a solicitation for
business. We strive for awareness leading to safer roadways. Please contact us if you believe
there are inaccuracies or if you would seek to have this post taken down.

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