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Motorists in Aurora, Colorado have been facing significant traffic disruptions due to issues with RTD rail crossing equipment

[AURORA, COLORADO] – Motorists in Aurora, Colorado have been facing significant traffic disruptions due to issues with RTD rail crossing equipment, according to RTD officials. Over the past several days, multiple traffic signals in the area have malfunctioned, leading to potential dangers on the roads.

Concerns have been raised about the intersection of 30th Avenue and Peoria Street, where multiple crashes have been reported, possibly due to the ongoing traffic signal issues. An employee from a nearby business, who has a view of the intersection, shared that they had witnessed three accidents in the last three days alone, underscoring the seriousness of the situation.

Surveillance footage provided by the employee to Denver7 revealed two vehicles colliding on Saturday afternoon. The malfunctioning traffic signals have caused every traffic light at the intersection to flash, creating confusion among drivers. As observed by a Denver7 crew, not all drivers are adhering to the four-way stop that is supposed to be followed under such circumstances.

Adding to the chaos, the RTD crossing alarm is also malfunctioning, falsely indicating the presence of an approaching light rail train when there isn’t one. Furthermore, the gates meant to block the roadway and prevent traffic from crossing the tracks are not functioning properly, failing to close when a train does arrive.

The R-Line, in particular, has been significantly impacted by these gate malfunctions, leading to delays in train services. To mitigate the situation, RTD has stationed attendants at each crossing to manage the traffic and ensure safety. However, the continued malfunctioning of the equipment remains a cause for concern.

The employee’s surveillance footage also captured an incident involving an Aurora police cruiser colliding with another vehicle, further highlighting the dangers posed by the malfunctioning rail crossing equipment.

Burnham Law reminds drivers to exercise caution, follow traffic rules, and be mindful of the ongoing situation to ensure their safety on the roads.

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