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Construction Accident near Windsor, CO – 11.16.22

On Tuesday, November 16, 2022, a person was killed in an accident at a construction site near
the northern Colorado town of Windsor, CO.

According to the Windsor Police Department, the person was struck by a large piece of
construction equipment at a site near Crystal Creek Drive and Rumley Creek Drive. The accident
is still in the early stages of an investigation, and anyone with information should contact
Windsor Police Officer Natasha Jensen at (970) 674-6428.

Northern Colorado continues to experience a high amount of construction and growth.
Construction sites are filled with many dangerous conditions where any negligent act can result
in severe injury, even death.

Windsor, Colorado, is a prime example of the tremendous growth that many areas of Colorado
are experiencing.

Burnham Law sends its condolences to the family and friends of the victim in this terrible

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Disclaimer: Information about this incident is gathered from various sources. This news post is
solely to increase public awareness in the community we serve around the dangers of
construction site accidents. The information contained in this post is not legal advice or a
solicitation for business. We strive for awareness leading to safer conditions. Please contact us if
you believe there are inaccuracies or if you would seek to have this post taken down.

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