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A devastating three-vehicle collision in Lincoln County, Wyoming, resulted in the loss of three lives. [May 24, 2023]

[LINCOLN COUNTY, WYOMING] A devastating three-vehicle collision in Lincoln County, Wyoming, resulted in the loss of three lives, including that of an 11-year-old girl, as reported by the Wyoming Highway Patrol. The fatal incident occurred on Wednesday, May 24, around 9:30 p.m., specifically at mile marker 7.6 on Wyoming 238, near the Wyoming/Idaho border in the vicinity of Afton.

According to the fatality crash summary, a Nissan Titan traveling southward veered into the northbound lane, making contact with a Chevrolet Silverado in a side-swiping motion before ultimately colliding head-on with a GMC Acadia.

Tragically, the collision claimed the lives of three individuals. The deceased have been identified as 28-year-old Kasandra Roger, a resident of Idaho who was driving one of the pickup trucks, 41-year-old Kirstin Mortensen, the driver of the SUV and a resident of Wyoming, and 11-year-old Saige Mortensen, who was a passenger in the SUV.

Preliminary investigations suggest that driver inattention may have played a role in the tragic incident, although the investigation is still ongoing.

Disturbingly, Lincoln County has witnessed a disproportionate number of fatal accidents this year. Of the 55 reported fatalities on Wyoming’s highways thus far in 2023, seven, amounting to 12.73% of the total, occurred within Lincoln County.

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