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What tasks are involved with civil appeals?

Whether you are looking to reverse a mistake that occurred during trial or are seeking an affirmation of an existing decision, our expert litigators can handle the full range of pertinent tasks, including:

  • Trial analysis — During or post-trial, we can analyze testimony, evidence, and rulings to prepare for potential appellate issues. Our background and legal knowledge give us the ability to identify potential grounds for appeal that other lawyers may fail to notice.
  • Legal research — Our firm has the resources to conduct thorough research to build a persuasive, comprehensive, and well-supported argument.
  • Brief writing — Strong legal writing is the most important aspect of appellate advocacy. We draft clear, effective briefs with coherent explanations of the pertinent facts, statutes, and legal precedents.
  • Oral argument — Before the Colorado Supreme Court or the Court of Appeals, our attorneys are expertly prepared to make compelling oral arguments and answer judges’ questions.

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