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Tips for Going Through Divorce With a Narcissist

Because of the complexities and emotional toll of divorce, some people may come across with different attitudes and personalities during the proceedings. You may notice that your partner is not the loving or gentle person that he or she was, and the divorce has made it challenging to communicate with him or her. 

If the divorce process is already complicated enough, how much more difficult is it if you’re dealing with a narcissist? It will be frustrating to communicate with and navigate the process with the other party painting himself or herself to be the good guy, while you know that that’s false. 

The number one step probably is to start treating narcissism as a sickness. That way, you can learn the symptoms of it and enable you to prepare how to handle it better. Here are some tips. 

Get everything in writing

Narcissists undergoing divorce are going to have this impression that they are the good guys. And this is the image that they’re going to portray in court. They’re going to show themselves as the loving and caring partner and parent, while painting you in a bad light. 

If you have everything in writing, then you have proof to present in court or to the opposing counsel. It gives you the opportunity to counteract whatever they are saying or doing to make you look bad. 

Engage in support groups

Dealing with a narcissist can be a difficult endeavor — it’s kind of like dealing with a toddler. But just like how you talk to your children, you need to know how to communicate with your narcissistic ex-partner. 

One way for you to learn the best communication styles is to engage in self-help groups and forums. Here, you will meet people who have experienced the same thing, those who have worked with narcissists, as well as mental health professionals. These people can give you insights on what you are facing and share valuable tips on how you can better deal with the situation. 

Not only that, but joining support groups will also help you mentally. Knowing that you are backed by people who have experienced the same situations as you will help you move forward and motivate you to conquer your case.

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