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TIPS and TRICKS for keeping a Co-parenting schedule straight!

Here are some tips for keeping your co-parenting schedule straight.

Why you need a solid parenting plan

First, you need to make sure that you have a solid parenting plan. Without one, you’re going to have ambiguity for 18 years, and you don’t want that. You want things that are solid, that you can rely on.

You don’t want to be going back and forth, or going back to court repeatedly. You don’t want to hire more lawyers and spend more money because you took the faster, easier way out during the initial allocation of parental responsibilities. I can’t emphasize that enough. A solid parenting plan is key.

Your plan needs deadlines

You need to make sure that your parenting plan has deadlines. These are the dates on which your child is going to go to the other party. They specify which holidays take priority over the regular parenting schedule. It has to be very organized and super clear.

Avoid ambiguity

No ambiguity equals no court. And if the other party brings you to court anyway, you can say; “This was a 13-17-102, lacked substantial justification. It was vexatious.” You can even ask for attorney fees in that kind of situation, so you want to make sure that it’s super tight.

Effective communication is key

If you’re not getting along with each other, then you want to rely on some of these parenting apps. You need effective communication that is in writing and gives the other party a certain period of time to respond. If they don’t respond, then the offer made by parent A is deemed to be agreed upon.

But Colorado family law is one of the most complicated areas of law. And you’ll see the difference when, on one hand, someone’s using a form that just has checkboxes and parenting time. While on the other, you have an extremely detailed parenting plan that’s been vetted and leaves nothing to chance. That’s what you’re looking for.

How your kids will benefit

You may use the parenting apps and things like that as a failsafe just to confirm everything. But you really want that parenting plan to be tight. The tighter it is, the more predictability and stability and structure your kids are going to have, and that’s going to make for a much better childhood.

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