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The Best Co-Parenting Apps

Some argue that technology is ruining our lives, but there’s also no denying that technology makes co-parenting significantly easier. There are a range of different mobile and online apps to make just about any aspect of parenting more manageable. Apps can help separated parents with scheduling, communication, meal planning, budgeting, and more. 


AppClose: AppClose is considered by many to be one of the best free co-parenting apps of all time. It includes many of the bells and whistles you’d find with paid apps at absolutely no cost. Users can send and receive messages, track expenses, request or send payments, and coordinate shared calendars. 

Google Calendar: Already a staple in many homes, a shared Google Calendar can help keep both parents organized and on the same page. Co-parents can use the calendar to coordinate special activities, events, and weekly visits. 

Cozi: Cozi is a family organizer designed for any family, but it works particularly well for families that are separated. Like Google Calendar, it has a shared calendar feature, but it also allows users the ability to create meal plans, shared shopping lists, to-do lists, a family journal and more. 


Our Family Wizard: Our Family Wizard has a pretty sizeable user base. The app is specifically designed for co-parents and is frequently ordered to be used by judges across the country in high-conflict child custody disputes. Our Family Wizard documents all family communication, expenses, and payments. It can also track the location of every family member and maintain a color-coded shared calendar. The app rings in at $99 per parent per year. 

Talking Parents: Talking Parents does one thing and it does it well. The app is designed to provide record keeping for messages between parents. Within the app you can download all past communications, should you need to provide proof of correspondence to the court. Messaging on the app is free, but downloading communications will cost you. You can either pay $4.99 per month or $3.99 per download. 

Coparently: Coparently offers many of the same features as Our Family Wizard at the same exact price. Coparently is $99 per parent per year. If you’re deciding between the two tools, it ultimately comes down to your preferences on the design of the user interface. 

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