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Methods to Develop Residential & Visitation Schedules

Divorce means no longer being able to be with your child at all times and that can be a hard pill to swallow. Where will your child reside throughout a normal week? Who gets custody during specific holidays? It’s important you design a custody and visitation schedule with your former partner that will support your child’s developmental and emotional needs. 

Emery’s Alternative Parenting Plans (Child Custody Schedules): Children of varying age groups have different needs and desires and Dr. Emery understands that. He has dedicated his life to researching family relationships and children’s health. In this article, Dr. Emery breaks down optimal child custody schedules by age and hostility level between parents. Each schedule suggested is research-backed and proven to work. 


When discussing residential and visitation schedules, the holidays deserve their own separate discussion. Holiday custody and visitation can be a huge point of contention for many families, as every parent wants to spend time with their child during the holidays. The articles below suggest strategies co-parents can utilize to keep holiday time balanced and special. 

Holiday Tips for Blended & Divorced Families: Holidays are typically times filled with traditions, but when the family dynamic changes, traditions usually have to change as well. This article from Lemon Lime Adventures discusses ways to keep the holidays special for children despite the change that comes with divorce. 

Common Holiday Custody Arrangements: There are many different ways to divide holidays between parents. This article from Custody X Change lists all of the holidays parents will want to consider and different methods co-parents commonly use to divide the holidays fairly. 

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