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How to Handle Parent-Child Communication & Decision Making

Decision making is much easier when both parents are under one roof. When separation occurs, communication and decision making become two of the hardest aspects of a co-parenting relationship to figure out. The articles below include a number of different techniques and tips.

Co-Parenting and Discipline Handovers: Who Gets to Call The Shots?: What happens when you’ve laid down the law on Friday afternoon and created a weekend punishment only to realize it’s not your weekend for custody? Will your former spouse enforce your punishment? Who ultimately gets to call the shots on disciplinary action? This article discusses suggestions on discipline for co-parents. 

Decision Making Options for Divorced Parents: Licensed marriage and family therapist, Tim Hartnett, lays out several proven decision making models co-parents can utilize. Each model is designed to eliminate or reduce conflict in decision making so that fights can be minimized. 

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