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Drug Court

Drug Courts work.  As an alternative to more formal sentencing for non-violent drug offenses, Colorado is a leader in its progressive focus towards recidivism.  Alcoholism and drug addiction, for many, is a disease.  It is a disability.  Colorado recognizes this and makes available this alternative sentencing option available to the savvy lawyer and law firm. Drug Court essentially gives offenders a chance to get physically clean and graduate with a fresh start in life.  In lieu of jail, select defendants/offenders enter Drug Court and are bound by the orders just the same.  According to Colorado Court’s website, the primary goal of Drug Court program is: “…to integrate substance abuse treatment, mental health treatment, intensive supervision and judicial oversight to promote public safety and individual responsibility. Drug Court holds participants accountable and helps develop the skills necessary to attain long term sobriety. It’s a second chance for those who are serious about changing their lives.  In the right situation, with clients and their family members who share common focus and concern, Drug Court is a second chance for the alcoholic/addict and their families in those situations where our client acknowledges powerlessness over their addiction coupled with the realization that their lives have become unmanageable.” Burnham Law is honored to stand with those people who want to change their life’s direction.

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