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Obviously there is nothing more important than our children. My sincere advice is that you do everything in your power to create your own parenting plan that you and the other party can live with. If that isn’t feasible then your parental rights are in play, and other people, people you don’t know, are going to decide what is in the best interests of your child.

We are child-centered here at Burnham Law. I’m a dad. If you want to use your children to cause your former spouse pain then we aren’t the firm for you. We represent parents who are child-centered. We, as parents, aren’t perfect. There are things we can always work on, and we understand that. If you have the ability to prioritize the best interests of your child over your own needs then you are someone we would be honored to represent. Similarly, if you have weaknesses in your case – criminal history, alcohol or drug use, anger issues – but are open to rehabilitating yourself then we are happy to represent you as well.

On either end of the spectrum, nobody is more prepared, dedicated and sophisticated than Burnham Law. We utilize all the tools in the toolbox. We use the experts and ensure you are prepared every step of the way. We effectively communicate and clearly discuss the strategy, and in the end you are the captain of the ship. You make the final decisions about your child with us shoulder to shoulder with you every step of the way. Custody battles are our wheelhouse and in them we execute at the highest level.

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