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Co-Parents should never do THESE things in front of their children!

Let’s talk about some things that co-parents should not do in front of their children in order to lead a successful co-parenting life.

No fighting

First and foremost, and that seems pretty obvious, co-parents should not fight in front of the kids. It’s very uncomfortable for the kids, and it can be scary. It puts them in a really bad position, feeling as though they are stuck in the middle of mom’s fight versus dad’s fight.

If you can’t get along with your co-parent, make sure that the kids are not present when you’re having your disagreements and arguments. Keep any confrontations out of earshot of the kids.

No negative talk about the other parent

Secondly, do not talk negatively about the other parent in front of your child. That’s just common sense. You certainly wouldn’t want the other parent speaking negatively about you in front of your child. So don’t say anything in front of your kid that you wouldn’t want your co-parent to say about you.

Don’t use the child as the communicator

And finally, do not use your child as the communicator between you and your co-parent. If you have something to tell the co-parent, you need to go directly to that parent and let them know of a change, a problem, or a concern. Do not make your child into the message sender. It puts them in the middle of something that they should not be in the middle of. This is hard enough for them as it is, so just keep them out of the middle of any communication between you and the co-parent.

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