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Child & Family Investigator (CFI) and Parental Responsibility Evaluator (PRE) Planning

Strategic planning isn’t limited to just thinking the right way. It includes comprehensive preparation. I cannot think of a more fitting topic to emphasize the importance of being prepared than when it involves custody experts. Child and Family Investigators or Parental Responsibility Evaluators are regularly appointed by the courts to investigate the parties, prepare a report, and often times issue recommendations as to the best interests of your child.

Think about that. A 3rd party that you do not know investigates both parents and has the power to alter your parental rights. Parenting time and decision-making. And judges regularly rely on these reports.

At Burnham Law, we have CFIs on our staff. Who is better equipped to help organize and plan for a CFI investigation than an actual CFI? Imagine feeling more prepared, more confident and more focused when going through a custody battle.  This is higher level representation at Burnham Law. This is Colorado Family Law – ELEVATED.

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