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Are There Different Types of Co Parenting Arrangements

In determining custody and co-parenting arrangements, courts always aim to give both parents joint custody and decision making power. This means that both have the authority to exercise parental rights. The ex-spouses will be working together and communicating to raise their kids, even after their divorce.  

In co-parenting arrangements, parenting time is equally divided into 50-50. The common understanding and setup that parents adopt is a week on and week off parenting time with the kids. But in reality, there are many types of 50-50 parenting times that parents can adopt, depending on what works best for them. 

The Different Types of Co-Parenting Arrangements

The 50-50 parenting time, although the most basic type, is not ideal for everyone. Some parents have different work schedules and the set up might also be difficult for the children depending on housing locations, after school activities, and other factors. So they need to customize their co-parenting arrangements according to what works best. 

One other type of 50-50 parenting time is the 5-2-2-5 or the 3-4-4-3. What happens is one parent would take the kids every Monday and Tuesday of every week, and the other parent would take the kids every Wednesday and Thursday. Then both alternate on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. 

This arrangement might seem complicated, but it works well with families composed of smaller and younger children. On the other hand, the week on and week off arrangement works better when rearing teenagers. 

The reason behind it is that younger children often spend most of their time at home, which may be difficult for the parent who takes them on a week on and week off basis. To allow parents to manage their time better, set up schedules that allow them to fulfill their obligations, a consistent weekly schedule can be better. 

Which Co-Parenting Arrangement is right for you?

Ultimately, the co-parenting arrangement you should adopt depends on your family. You should determine which one works best for you and your children. There is really no secret recipe or best practice when it comes to 50-50 parenting time arrangements. It all depends on your situation. 

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