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Aggressive Divorce Lawyers

If you ask 10 family law attorneys, I suspect seven out of 10 will say Burnham Law is aggressive in its client representation. I would agree to a certain extent, but we should clarify what “aggressive” means. We have a case right now out of Denver and the opposing counsel fights us on everything…and all it does is rack up attorney fees. Sometimes arguing about every single detail in a joint filing is strategic and it may make sense; however, that is rarely the case.

In any family law case emotions will run hot. For instance, reactions to adverse situations may outline concerns about parenting time and the parties’ inability to make child-related decisions together. In other circumstances there may be allegations of domestic violence and the reactions to communications my be relevant to prove a pattern of abusive behavior. But, in the end, the goal is to reach a positive, final outcome that lays the foundation for our clients’ ability to move forward and live a happy and purposeful life.

An aggressive strategy, that results in a successful outcome, requires both knowledge of the law and emotional discipline. Be aggressive in the implemented strategy. Demand full financial disclosures by using the legal discovery process. Depose the opposing party, under oath, to lock in factual testimony. Utilize experts such as Child and Family Investigators or Parental Responsibility Evaluators when there are issues concerning parenting time and decision-making related to children. Use a vocational evaluator when there is a dispute concerning one spouse’s income earning potential. Use a business valuator when there is a dispute over the value of a business that is part of the marital estate. Use one expert’s report to corroborate the conclusions found in another report.

Being aggressive is a part of a strategic approach. Being aggressive without any goal does nothing but waste money. At Burnham Law we are aggressive when necessary and when the facts of the case require using the stick and not the carrot. Being “aggressive,” without a plan, is nothing short of lazy, wasteful and amateurish.

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