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Adversity is an opportunity in disguise

be coffee.

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When adversity left her feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and ready to give up, a young girl went to her mother for advice.

Part 1 of 12

Without saying a word, her mother brought out a carrot, an egg, and coffee beans and set them all to boil in a pot of water.

She encouraged her daughter to observe.

Part 2 of 12

The carrot, previously strong, hard, and unrelenting, softened and became weak.

Part 3 of 12

The egg, formerly fragile with a thin outer shell and liquid interior, hardened.

Part 4 of 12

The coffee beans changed the water around them while emitting a captivating aroma.

Part 5 of 12

When you are faced with hardship, which one are you?” she asked her daughter.

Part 6 of 12

Are you the carrot, who seems strong at first but becomes soft and loses strength when facing difficulties?”

Part 7 of 12

Are you an egg that starts with a malleable heart, but hardens with the heat?”

Part 8 of 12

Or are you like the coffee beans, which transform the boiling water into something much better than it used to be?”

Part 9 of 12

The mother asked her daughter to be like the coffee beans and use the hard times in her life as an opportunity to be transformative.

Part 10 of 12

We challenge you to be coffee in adversity.

If we find the strength to shift our perspective, we have the capacity to change everything.

Part 11 of 12

Make this story your own

be coffee.

No matter the conditions, we all have the power to change, to overcome, and to be transformative, for ourselves and for those around us.
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“A champion is defined not by their wins but by how they can recover when they fall.”

Serena Williams